2000 Follower/ 2 Year Blogiversary Giveaway: Eve Langlais

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Welcome to 2 years of blogging here at AwesomeSauce Book Club! To celebrate and to thank every single one of you for being so amazing we're setting up a monster giveaway! We're counting down to the new year, the official end to our second year, and the amazing beginning of our third. With the help of some freaking awesome authors we have a giveaway for each day leading up to the new year.

We Ambers aren't really mushy here at AwesomeSauce but we'd like to take a minute to sincerely thank every one who has been with us along this journey. We hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have. And we hope you stick with us in the years to come!

~Let the Count Down Begin~


On our first day we are kicking off with one of our most favorite authors EVE LANGLAIS! We have 2 awesome prize packs. One is US/Canada Only and One is INT only.

US/Canada Prize:
Paperback of..
Croc And The Fox

AllRomance Bookstrand
Kobo Smashwords
Amazon Barnes & Noble
Apple Amazon.co.uk
Createspace Amazon - Print

Genre: Paranormal/Shapeshifter Romance

Warning: An ornery croc discovers he does have a pulse when a hot to trot fox decides to latch on, and never let go. Tongue in cheek humor, sizzling moments and a tiny, evil villain await. Muahahaha.

A career military man, Viktor lives for the next mission – and his collection of weapons -- but a raid on an experimental lab makes him an unwilling protector, mostly because he can’t peel Renee off. A cold blooded croc, he never intended to settle down, but he didn’t count on a foxy lady warming his heart.

The world outside the laboratory was a big scary place. Unsure of how to deal with it, Renee latches onto the biggest, baddest, and sexiest, warrior around. Sharp toothed and with ice in his veins, Viktor’s violent side should have sent her running, but instead, she finds the courage to face her fears –and tame the lizard.

When danger comes knocking, with the intention of turning her lizard into a high priced fashion accessory, will Renee embrace her foxy side and show a croc she’s got what it takes to be his mate?

And will they finally vanquish the evil known as mastermind?

Book order for the Furry United Coalition Series (also known as FUC).

  • Book One - Bunny And The Bear
  • Book Two - Swan And The Bear
  • Book Three - Croc And The Fox

  • Also an FUC T-Shirt!

    Fill out Form to Enter:

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    EBooks of Alien Abduction Trilogy

  • Accidental Abduction
  • Intentional Abduction
  • Dual Abduction

  • Fill out Form to Enter:

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    These prizes where generously donated to us by the very super super awesome
     Eve Langlais! 
    Thanks so much.  


    1. Happy Blogoversary ladies! I have just recently discovered your blog, but like it here. I wish you a great new blogging year!

    2. Happy Blogoversary! I'm not entering cause I got the alien abduction trilogy recently and will be reading it soon! Just finishing off the Freakn' series first! Hoping to finish Jungle Freakn Bride today and then I have a couple of books I need to get read before I start the abductoin trilogy which I can't wait to read!

    3. Happy Blogiversary. Here's wishing you many more. Your blog is fun and entertaining. Happy Holidays.
      Carol L
      Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

    4. Happy Blogiversary!!! Love this blog!

      The first raffelcopter didn't say what to leave, so I left my goodreads name. My email is below.

      Thank you for the chances to win.

      Deb T

    5. Happy Blogoversary, ladies!!! Thanks for the giveaways - Eve is hilarious!

    6. Replies
      1. Did you ever get sharreaholic? Can't see it in mobile version.

      2. I will get it soon. I am just so behind on everything. I started working and with all the kids stuff and Christmas well I am behind on everything, just ask my laundry pile. hahaa.

    7. Happy blogoversary! I do Love Eve's stories, they are always fun & sexy :)

    8. I can't enter for the print copy..I don't have goodreads :(
      Happy blogiversary!!!

      1. The rafflecopter is messed up. It should of had more entries on it. I will fix it.

    9. Thanks everyone. For some reason the rafflecopter didn't have all the options on here at first. I checked them before it posted and it was there but when it posted it was gone. I added them back though.

    10. Happy Blogoversary!!! I love Eve! Her series are awesome!!

    11. Happy Bloversary!! Congratulations on these awesome milestones :)


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