Review: Shine by Jeri Smith-Ready

Sunday, November 18, 2012
Series: Shade #3

Publication Date: May 1st, 2012
Publisher:Simon Pulse
Pages: 399
Reviewer: Amber I.


 In this dramatic conclusion to the Shade trilogy, Aura and Zachary’s relationship sizzles as the secrets of the Shift are revealed.

Life can change in an instant, and no one understands that better than Aura. It’s been almost a year since her boyfriend tragically died. She’s finally letting go of Logan’s violet-hued ghost, but not her search to uncover the truth about her past.

As the first in a generation that can see ghosts, Aura is convinced she has a connection to the Shift. She’s trusted Zachary, ever patient and ever by her side, with all that she knows. But when the government threatens his life in an attempt to learn Aura’s secrets, she will stop at nothing to protect herself and the one she loves...even if that means betraying her own heart.

I finally did it, I finished this series. I was so nervous for this book. I just didn't know if I can handle it,  a book without Logan just seemed way too hard. And I won't lie, I kept expecting him to show his face somewhere. I waited and waited and waited then it was over.  And I am still like I can't believe he is gone, really and truly gone!

Most fans of this series totally love Zach. I am just not one of them. I mean I like him but he wasn't my first or even second choice. I kinda feel him and Aura have this connection more because of the fact that they have that "shift" thing connection. I like him more now and I am pretty satisfied with how everything ended. I mean I knew I couldn't get my way anyways, Logan is gone. :(

So much happened in this book. Aura and Zach discover what happened to their parents so many years ago, figure out why the shift started with Aura and even find a way to stop it. Then there is the fact the first part of this book there is a plane crash that Zach should have been on and the only reason he wasn't because he was detained. There is also going to be a mandatory draft for all those kids who an see ghosts. Plus Aura and Zach are being chased by a few different organizations and have to watch every step they make.

It was a great read and I really am glad we got so many answers even answers I would never have dreamed of getting. Even though Logan wasn't here his spirit had moments on this book. I am sad to see this series ending yet feel very satisfied over it. I thought maybe this one was going to be very hard to handle but it actually wasn't. I am super glad I didn't end the series with book 2 because of that.

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