Review: Human and Freakn' by Eve Langlais

Thursday, November 22, 2012
Series: Freakn' Shifters #4
Publication Date: Nov. 12th, 2012
Reviewer: Amber I.


Trekking through the jungle isn’t Ruth’s idea of a good time, even if her companions are hotter than hell. With her sister missing, though, she’ll do anything to find her – slog through swamps, squish giant centipedes, and fight her attraction to not one but two males intent on seduction. But when she discovers there’s more to the hunks accompanying her than meets the eye, will she accept their alter wolf egos, or completely freak?

 Fate sure has a wicked sense of humor, trying to make Kendrick think the chubby human he meets in the jungle is his mate. Joke’s on him, though, because despite his preferences and attempts to stay away, he can’t help but fall for the tall and curvy Ruth. Harder to swallow, his buddy is falling for her too.

 Joel knows firsthand how fickle human emotions are, but when he meets Ruth, all his best intentions get swallowed by the jungle as she worms her way into his heart – and makes him want to trust.

When Ruth’s human morals get in the way of two wolves and their need to claim what’s theirs, they’ll have to team up and show her two are so much more pleasurable than one.

 Warning: Can you handle a pair of hot wolves determined to claim an unsuspecting human? Expect extreme heat and a whole lot of fun in this threesome, jungle adventure. (MFM)

 Another amazing story and hot sex from Eve Langlais! Human and Freakn' is everything we have come to love from an Eve Langlais story. Perfect amount of amazing story telling and an amazing amount of pure steaminess!

In this book we leave behind Canada and go to the Jungle to rescue some human girls who have been kidnapped by some very horny kitties. These men of the jungle steal their brides and mate with them. Kendrick and Joel go there with other werewolves  to play hero. But one of the girls sister comes along and this is where things go crazy. At first site these men know they met their mate but both fight it, after all she is human.

I will say spending time in a jungle even though I was just the reader gave me the creepy crawlies, no bugs should ever be that big. I had to shake my covers out before I went to bed. Plus no showers! *shudders* nope no trekking through the jungle for this girl, even if there are two hot men.

Anyways once Joel and Kendrick finally come to terms that yes they found their mate and yes they have to share they have a problem with convincing Ruth. She is human and use to human ways like one man one girl. Plus she is crazy self conscious and can't see these two men wanting her for anything more then to scratch an itch with the only female around.

Eve knows how to write her 3 some scenes. She knows how to deliver a believable story with 3 people who not only have hot hot sex but love each other.  Obviously her books are not for the prude but for those of us who like their smut and like it hot hot hot!

Human and Freakn' is another awesome addition to the Freakn' books. The story line was fresh and kept me wanting more. The sexual tension was hot and when they finally got it on it was even better. Kendrick and Joel where hot alpha males and Ruth even though she thought she was meek was so not at all. I feel in love with all of them. But I will admit, I kinda have a little bit more of a crush on Kendrick though. I can't help it. lol

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