Review: Chill Factor by Rachel Caine

Sunday, November 11, 2012
Series: Weather Warden #3
Publication Date: Jan. 4th, 2005
Publisher: Roc
Pages: 337
Reviewer: Amber R.

Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin has protected the human race from monster storms, been killed, reborn as a Djinn, and then restored to her original form. Now she's throwing the dice to stop an infinitely powerful, deeply disturbed kid-who is holed up in a Vegas hotel-from bringing on a new ice age.

Jo has been through the wringer in just a couple short weeks. She has battled her best friend (who died), died herself, was brought back to life as a Djinn by her hot but all so taboo Djinn boyfriend, was basically treated to some horrific Djinn training, separated from her hot (so hot) boyfriend, had to fight for the universe, is chasing after a psycho but powerful teenager, not too mention she's human again.Suffice it say, Jo's got some shit going on.

David is Jo's Djinn boyfriend, which is a huge no no. But since Jo is on the lam anyhow, they don't really care. And lord, David is hot. They have their secrets from each other though. David is a Djinn, which Jo knows little to nothing about. Also, David is keeping something huge from her in this book. When we found out what it was, my eyes almost popped out of my face.

I've always loved Rachel Caine, this series does nothing but cement that fact even more. If you haven't checked them out, you definitely should. It's a new exciting world and an amazing story line.


  1. I've read the first six books in this series back to back, and then I stopped. Series overload. Time to go back to her books.

  2. I had to stop as well. Series overload is the perfect reasoning. I love the series so far though.

  3. Adding it to my list...I'm new to this author and am going to start with her Revivalist series soon, just picked them up. Thanks for the great review!

  4. Revivalist! What? I need to pick those up too. I really like her versions of these paranormal worlds. They're new and different. I'm glad you like the review though. Thank you. :)

  5. I was lucky enough to get this series at a library book sale, this just confirms that I need to pull them out and bump them to the top of my Mt. TBR! Great review Amber :)


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