Randomly Random Interview

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Welcome to our new feature: 
Randomly Random Interviews! 
We here at AwesomeSauce missed Featuring Bloggers and getting to know them better. So instead of what we did before and only talked books now we are going to talk about lots of Randomness! Hope you Enjoy and make some new friends!! 

 So I had no one to interview this week and decided to interview myself. Some may call this post a "filler" post and you would be absolutely correct!! So here is me! 

  • Welcome to Awesomesauce please tell us a little about you and your blog?
 Hi I am Amber I. from AwesomeSauce Book Club, and well if you are here then I think you know about our blog. :)  Lets see I am one of the 2 Amber's on here. I am a mom of 3 kids and have been married for almost 11 years (I think that's right). I think I am the funniest person ever. I am not afraid to laugh at my own jokes. I love Christmas, and really wish I could convince my husband to put up so many lights and decorations inside and outside that I would put the North Pole to shame. But its not working yet. I have no fashion sense. Oh and that Rudolph shirt I am wearing in that picture his nose glows. I've had it for like 5 years and its still working. I wear it every Christmas.

  • 5 random facts 
1. Birds and heights scare me to death! We had a pet love bird once and it got out of its cage. I started screaming, rolled to the ground, grabbed  a blanket threw it over my head and ran to my room. I left my kids and hubby to deal with the bird. So scary!
2. I am the most ungirlyest person ever! I don't wear makeup. Hell I only own some cover up stuff because Amber R. gave it to me.  I only plucked my eye brows once again because Amber R. forced me to and did it herself. I don't own a purse. There are a lot of things like this. 
3. I have NKOTB shoe laces in my shoes that I wear every day. Also I have Joey (from NKOTB) on my key chain.
4. I am the cheapest person ever. Seriously. I am down to one bra but I refuse to buy more until I find the perfect coupon. I must get everything at a deal. 
5. When I was little I had a beloved pair of Ruby Slippers. I loved them and took care of them so much. Well they eventually outgrew me. So you know what my parents said I had to do? Give them to my younger sister. I did not want to see her wearing my shoes. My only other option was to bury them in my backyard and that is what I did. I never told my parents that is where they went. I wonder if they are still there.

  • If you won the lottery, what's the first selfish thing you would do or buy?
A new awesome house. Set way in the country. And had the potential to have a giant library. I don't want anything crazy big (more to clean) but I do want bigger. I have 3 kids, we need some space. Oh and it has to have a pool and a hot tub and hopefully some secret passages. But it can't be haunted. 

  • What is your favorite paranormal creature and why?
I am a werewolf girl. They are just hot. I like they have literally that wild beast inside.  I just find them more attractive and bad ass.

  • If you were stuck on a deserted island tell us what 3 things you'd bring in each category?
Drinks- coke (screw it if I am alone on island I don't care about calories) Water (need to stay hydrated) and Beer (it was between this and an Icee machine, but at least beer would help me sleep)
Books-My kindle (it has a never ending battery life in my world) that is all I would need. Then I would grab 2 books I haven't read yet.  
Miscellaneous Items-Hammock, sunscreen, and a blanket
Movies- Wizard of Oz, Beauty and the Beast, The Goonies
Food-Pizza (hey we will pretend it could work) Vanilla Ice Cream, I don't know some kind of snack food maybe chips or something.

  • Embarrassing blogger moment?

I wrote a review and used the wrong name. I said Jennie instead of Jessie. The author shared my review on her facebook page and some girl commented on how I used the wrong name. She went on and said that maybe reviewers need to start reviewing their reviews and all this other crap. The author was really nice though and was like whatever shit happens. But still, it was embarrassing and totally pissed me off. I mean there was a better way of doing this. 

  • Top 5 Authors you want to meet?
Karen Marie Moning
Stacia Kane
Keri Arthur
Kristen Callihan 
Amanda Stevens

  • When you are not reading and reviewing what do you do?
Okay try not to get excited but I do things like cooking and cleaning and laundry and taking care of the kids, and grocery shopping and all that fun mom stuff! I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids so that is what I do. Reading really is my only hobby.

  • Favorites
TV Show-Right now The Walking Dead
Color- I don't really have one actually. Just depends. 
Movie- I guess I'd go with The Wizard of Oz
Game- Candy Land!
Holiday- Christmas
Season- I kinda like them all except Winter!

  • If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
Venice. I have always thought that would be so cool to go there. It looks so pretty and the boats just look fun! 
Okay that was a lot harder then I thought it would be. 
So anyways there is that! 
Thanks to anyone that read it.


  1. THE RUDOLPH SHIRT!!! It's my favorite lol :D

    1. That Rudolph shirt will be in use for the rest of my life! I love it.

  2. I also wrote a review with the wrong name once, it was a real *facepalm* moment lol We are only human afterall.
    Birds scare me as well, I think it has something to do with me as a kid, my mum had a bird and she would let it out the cage and it would fly around and try to land on my head....scarred for life.

    1. Using the wrong name sucks. but it happens, people shouldn't get so upset over it. And man birds totally suck. They give me the creeps.

    2. Birds are the absolute worst. I can not stand them.

  3. Lol, that was fun, thanks Amber! But I do love birds myself.

  4. Love the Rudolph shirt..Soooo cute.
    You sound happy, and I thinks that's awesome, happy with who you are and what your life is, and that's worth way more than the opinion one little person that get her(his) rocks off by running to point out other people's mistakes just with the intention of embarrassing them.
    I not crazy about birds.... But at the moment I'm having a crush on Owls...lol

    1. Fake owls are cute. But being face to face with a real owl would freak me out. Yes it was petty of that person. I can't ever imagine doing that to someone. But oh well.


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