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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Welcome to our brand spanking new
 "Creature Feature"
 each week we will have an author on here talking to us about their spin on a paranormal "creature" from their books.

Today's Guest of Honor is 
Darynda Jones
Hope you Enjoy!

Darynda is also a Featured Author at AADSAV.

Creature #1:
  1. What is your Creature? The grim reaper
  2. Name? Charley Davidson
  3. Is your creature from a specific part of the world? Well, the underworld, I suppose. She lives in Albuquerque.
  4. Physical Description? Charley is 57, 125ish pounds, gold eyes, chestnut hair and a great ass. According to her.
  5. What book or series does this creature appear in? The Charley Davidson series.
  6. What is the history of this creature? how where they created, where do they come from? Charley is from a group of beings made of light that were created to help humans cross from one plane to another. She is rather special among them, royalty. She was born onto the Earth as a human. She is not one.
  7. What are her strengths? Sarcasm and her ability to drink copious amounts of coffee without getting the jitters.
  8. What are her weaknesses? Staying out of trouble and Reyes Farrow.
  9. How long can she live? As a human? Not long. As the grim reaper once her mortal body passes? Forever, though she will be the reaper for only about 500 years.
  10. What does she need to survive? Coffee and Reyes Farrow.
  11. If she shape shifts tell us how and why? She gains weight in her hips when shes not careful. Thats about it.
  12. What are some unique characteristics that sets her apart from humans? She is a portal from one plane to the next. The departed who did not cross immediately after death can cross through her if and when they choose.
  13. Are reapers made or born? A little of both.
  14. Your Creature VS Common Folk lore tell is the differences and similarities? Completely different. She doesnt wear a long black robe or carry a scythe and she doesnt ferry people across planes on a boat. Although she will take any coins they have to offer. She loves D&Gs and they aint cheap.
Creature #2:
  1. What is your Creature? The son of Satan
  2. Name? Reyes Farrow
  3. Is your creature from a specific part of the world? The seedy part: Hell
  4. Physical Description? 64, 230 pounds, dark hair, deep brown eyes that glitter with green and gold, all muscle. And he is the son of the most beautiful angel every to grace the halls of heaven. He gets his looks from his dad.
  5. What book or series does this creature appear in? The Charley Davidson series.
  6. What is the history of this creature? how where they created, where do they come from? There is only one. He was forged in the fires of sin, literally, created in hell as a key, a portal out of that plane and onto the human one.
  7. What are his strengths? He has supernatural powers even in human form. He is stronger and faster than humans and he can dematerialize when need be.
  8. What are his weaknesses? Charley Davidson.
  9. How long can he live? He ages as a regular human, but in his spiritual form, he is immortal.
  10. What does he need to survive? Charley.
  11. If he shape shifts tell us how and why? He can dematerialize into a mist, a shadow.
  12. What are some unique characteristics that set him apart from humans? Everything about him. His powers, his strength, his speed. He also senses emotion: anger, fear, lust.
  13. Was he made or born? He was made.
  14. Your Creature VS Common Folk lore tell is the differences and similarities? There is none to do a comparison.

Excerpt from Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet:
With renewed energy, I pulled back onto Academy— after hitting a
drive- through for a mocha latte— and had just started for home when
my phone rang.
“Yes?” I said, illegally talking on the phone while driving within the
city limits. Scoping for cops, I waited for Uncle Bob to stop talking to
whomever he was talking to and get back to me.
My uncle Bob, or Ubie as I most often referred to him, was a detective
for APD, and I helped him on cases from time to time. He knew I
could see the departed and used that to his advantage. Not that I could
blame him.
“Get that to her, then call the ME ay- sap.”
“Okay,” I said, “but I’m not sure what calling the medical examiner
ay- sap is going to accomplish. I’m pretty sure his name is George.”
“Oh, hey, Charley.”
“Hey, Uncle Bob. What’s up?”
“Are you driving?”
“Have you heard anything?”
Our conversations often went like this. Uncle Bob with his random
questions. Me with my trying to come up with answers just as random.
Not that I had to try very hard. “I heard that Tiff any Gorham, a girl I
knew in grade school, still stuff s her bra. But that’s just a rumor.”
“About the case,” he said through clenched teeth. I could tell his teeth
were clenched because his words were suddenly forced. That meant he
was frustrated. Too bad I had no idea what he was talking about.
“I wasn’t aware that we had a case.”
“Oh, didn’t Cookie call you?”
“She called me a doody- head once.”
“About the case.” His teeth were totally clenched again.
“We have a case?”
But I’d lost him. He was talking to another officer. Or a detective. Or
a hooker, depending on his location and accessibility to cash. Though I
doubted he would tell a hooker to check the status of the DOA’s autopsy
report. Unless he was way kinkier than I’d ever given him credit for.
I found his calling me only to talk to other people very challenging.
“I’ll call you right back,” he said. No idea to whom.
The call disconnected as I sat at a light, wondering what guacamole
would look like if avocados were orange.
I finally shifted my attention to the dead kid in my backseat. He had
shoulder- length blond hair and bright blue eyes and looked somewhere
between fifteen and seventeen.
“You come here often?” I asked him, but my phone rang before he
could say anything. That was okay. He had a vacant stare, so I doubted
he would have answered me anyway.
“Sorry about that,” Uncle Bob said. “Do you want to discuss the
“We have a case?” I said again, perking up.
“How are you?”
He asked me that every time he called now. “Peachy. Am I the case? If
so, I can solve this puppy in about three seconds. I’m heading down San
Mateo toward Central in a cherry red Jeep Wrangler with a questionable
exhaust system.”
“Hurry, before I get away!”

 Books in the Series: (click pic. for more info)

First Grave on the Right

For I Have Sinned

Second Grave on the Left

Third Grave Dead Ahead

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet

About Darynda:
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Darynda Jones has won numerous awards for her work including a prestigious Golden Heart®, a RITA®, and a Daphne du Maurier. As a born storyteller, she grew up spinning tales of dashing damsels and heroes in distress for any unfortunate soul who happened by, annoying man and beast alike. Darynda lives in the Land of Enchantment, also known as New Mexico, with her husband and two beautiful sons, the Mighty, Mighty Jones Boys.
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  1. I love this! I'm half-way through the first book and I wish Charley was my best friend, she's awesome! I love the stuff that comes out of her mouth! I'm already thinking about how I can get the rest of the series! As for Reyes, he's not even in the book in person yet, just Charley's memories really but damn that man is hot! I really wish I'd gotten my hands on this book sooner!

    1. This series is one of my absolute favorites. I can't wait until you get more into it and get to meet Reyes. Charley is amazing and so damn funny!

  2. Great post, I just received the third book this week, and am looking forward to catching up with Charlie and Cookie. What I like most is the humor in these books. And the ghost in the corner of her livingroom, who just hangs there and nothing more.

  3. Love those character pictures. Great interview! Steph

  4. I'm half way through book 4 and loving it! I love Reyes, that man is a god. Though if I was Charley, I'd be really tempted to smack him a couple of times. LOL.

  5. Thanks for this! My weakness is definitely the Charley Davidson series and especially Reyes...drool and swoon! ;)

  6. This series is so awesome - I LOVE the humor!! Charley and Cookie crack me up.

  7. I loved reading through the Creature feature.

    thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  8. I love the interaction between Charley and sizzling. Great picture of Charley in your post!

  9. Charlie and Cookie remind me of me and Amber I.

  10. I love the humor the author infuses into this series as well as how sexy Reyes is, I mean, yowl! sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

  11. heh badassery and sarcasm it doesnt get any better than that:)

  12. I love Charley's saucy personality :) she is fun. I also love this fun new interview format. It is just awesomesauce. Looking forward to more.

  13. i haven't read about this books series,,but iam interest for reading,,putting it in my TBR

  14. great post! i just love this series. i think i'm gonna re-read the whole series soon ;)

  15. I love this series, such great books and I love the characters

    Jolene A

  16. I haven't read and yet, and have read great reviews

  17. I LOVE this series!! I'm so happy for the 4th book. I've missed Charley and Reyes...sad how book 3 ended for them...I hope it gets better in book 4. I love the pic they picked to portray Reyes in the post. What a cutie.

  18. I looove this series because I love Charley and her attitude and personality.

  19. Haven't read them yet, but I love paranormal.
    magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

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    TBR radar and I would love to win this one.

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  23. Thanks for this peek that sums up the plot! I've only read the first one and after reading this I'm more intrigued.


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