Review: Ill Wind by Rachel Caine

Thursday, October 18, 2012
Series: Weather Warden #1
Publication Date: December 2, 2003
Pages: 337
Reviewer: Amber R. 
First in the new Weather Warden series...

Joanne Baldwin is a Weather Warden. Usually, all it takes is a wave of her hand to tame the most violent weather. But now, she's trying to outrun another kind of storm: accusations of corruption and murder. So, she's resorting to the very human tactic of running for her life...

Her only hope is Lewis, the most powerful warden known. Unfortunately, he's stolen not one but three bottles of Djinn-making him the most wanted man on earth. Still, she's racing hard to find him-before the bad weather closes in fast.

I gave this book four stars because I'm giving myself four stars. I can NOT believe that I haven't read these before. We all love Rachel's Morganville YA series. I've been reading those for a long time. I have no idea why I have never read this series before. There is scene in the book that is almost sex and I was texting Amber I. and I was like, "RACHEL WROTE SEX. WELL ALMOST. IT WAS ALMOST SEX." This is how excited I was. And let me tell you, Rachel can write some sex.

Okay, let me actually tell you about the book. It was friggen' awesomesauce times a million. Jo, as I think of her, has the capability to manipulate the weather. In fact, there are a lot of different weather "wardens" who are assigned to different parts of the world, to break up major storms before they cause damage. Mother Nature is a bitch. And they're trying to tame her.

I love Rachel Caine's story telling abilities and this book is no different. I was immediately in love with it. It was interesting learning the new world and the new capabilities. Djinns are really interesting, so I'm especially looking forward to the next book in the series. We don't really learn a lot about them in this book based they can be bound to wardens by using a certain saying. Basically it seems like they boost the wardens power.

Joanne is an awesome main character. She is funny, bad ass, strong, and smart. What else can you ask for? She's a little crazy and scattered, not to mention she has some major issues in this book. But she's awesome. David is great and.. Honestly I could just go on and on. And I want you all to go read the book(s). I haven't started the second one yet, I would love to have some discussion about this. Amber I. hasn't read it yet, usually we just talk about them. This book is amazing. Read it!

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  1. I'd have bought it on payday just because of the Morganville Vampire Series. After this review I'm breaking into my emergency book buying fund to get it now.

  2. I just listened to this one recently on audiobook, I really liked it too. It's been on my TBR for years and I *finally* picked it up on sale at audible. Now, I have to add the rest of the series :) Book Savvy Babe

    1. After I read the first book, I went out and bought the next four or five books in the series. It's so good. I haven't read the second yet but I'm going to soon.

  3. I need to read this. I love Rachel Caine! ,

  4. I love this whole series, and the last few books in it will just tear at your emotions like crazy. ♥ Joanne and David. This is one of those series that I wish had 20 books in it! lol
    Great review and I hope that you enjoy the rest of the series as well!


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