Review: Heat Stroke by Rachel Caine

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Series: Weather Warden #2
Publication Date: August 3, 2004
Pages: 335
Reviewer: Amber R.
Mistaken for a murderer, Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin is hunted down and killed by her colleagues. Reborn as a Djinn, she senses something sinister entering earth's atmosphere-something that makes tomorrow's forecast look deadly.

This book was insane. Insanely awesome. I loved the first book so I had high expectations for this one. Besides it's Rachel Caine, who is amazing. I remember in the last book, I wanted more information about Djinn. Well we definitely get it in this one. Jo is turned into a Djinn, kind of, by David to save her life at the end of book one. So basically Jo is getting a crash course in being a Djinn but things go sour quick.

She is separated from David and sent to another Djinn named Patrick. He's supposed to train her because when David saved her life, he actually fused the two of them together. So Jo is siphoning off power from David. Basically Jo needs to figure out how to get power from the universe or else she and/or David are going to die. However, Jo isn't a regular Djinn. Not to mention, when David saved her it caused a huge rift in the universe and things are getting super dicey. And there are some nasty players out there who are after their own agenda.

I really like Jo. She's strong, powerful, funny, headstrong, and she makes mistakes like the rest of us. She's been thrown all these crazy things and she's following along and persevering every time. David is crazy awesome. I just love their relationship. You can tell that they really care about each other.

Learning about this new world is crazy fun too. There is a lot to take in but Rachel delivers it in a way that makes sense and flows nicely. These books are two for two so far. I'm already starting the next book in the series. I can't wait to see what happens with Jo next. 


  1. I haven't tried this series yet but I read the spin off (yeah I know I'm strange) but I loved it. I think I should give it a try.

    1. This series is really awesome. You should definitely check it out.


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