Review: Beneath A Darkening Moon by Keri Arthur

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Series: Ripple Creek Werewolf #2
Publication Date: December 16th, 2004
Re-Release Date: 10/30/12
Pages: 248
Reviewer: Amber I.


Savannah Grant once had the reputation for being the wild sister-but no one, not even her twin, knew just how wild Savannah had once been. Now that past has come back to haunt her. Someone is murdering humans in Ripple Creek, and the murders are eerily similar to those she'd witnessed nearly ten years ago. Worse still, the man sent in to help with the investigation is the one man Savannah had hoped never to see again. The man who had taken her trust and her heart and smashed them both. Cade Jones is in Ripple Creek to catch the killer who'd escaped his noose ten years ago. What he doesn't expect to find is the woman who had very nearly caused his death. A woman who knew far more than she'd ever let on. A woman who'd slithered from his grasp as easily as the killer. This time, Cade has every intention of discovering what she knows-and every intention of holding her to the promises she'd made long ago. As the murders continue, it becomes evident that the killer isn't murdering at random, that it's all part of a larger plan-revenge. In order to survive, Savannah finds herself having to trust the one man she'd sworn never to trust again. But can Cade unravel the clues left from the past and the present in time to save them both, or will a killer's need for revenge snatch away their hopes of a future yet again?

This is a Keri Arthur book, it has sexy wolves who need sex during the moon heat so uh yes I love it!!!

We met Savannah in Beneath a Rising Moon she seemed pretty much like a tough cop who played by the rules. But man once we get into her past you will see a whole new person, a girl who left home because of her fathers strict rules, a girl who was a free spirit and who was just exploring her sexuality. And it was here she met Cade.. The man she fell in love with but also the man that broke her heart. She ran from him for 10 yrs but their paths are about to cross. And the moon promise they made over 10 years ago is still in effect. They have to battle a murderer, their sexual desires and confront the past.

Oh man I love this book. Cade and Savannah love and hate each other. They both made huge mistakes 10 years ago. The book doesn't tell you right away what happened between them so I will not either. But the mystery was intense. I had to know what went wrong what happened between these two. Once Cade realizes the moon promise is in effect he fully uses it to his advantage. And while Savannah would love to fight him she can't and really doesn't want to.

Not only has the Cade and the Moon Promise come back from her past so has a similarity in murders. They are like the murders that happened 10 years ago when she first met Cade. But they both know that the person behind that died.

Things I loved

*The sex!! duh.. It was just hot, passionate and had me fanning myself from it.
* The relationship. Cade and Savannah have all the passion in the world. They have amazing sex and if they could just confront their past they would be amazing. They are both strong neither needs the other to save them.
*outside relationships. From Savannahs sister, her friend, her team members. All of them I loved.
* it has hot wolves, and some amazing sex is guaranteed.
* the mystery!!

Things I didn't love

* a serial killer is coming, lets separate to save time. (come on!!)
* someone goes missing but suddenly escapes when no one else can, and we just believe it!
* the ending battle with the bad "guy" It was just too fast. All that build up and it was over pretty fast.

Still though I LOVED this book. I love everything Keri Arthur! If you love wolves and some steamy scenes go check this out!!

And if you don't know what the moon promise is- its an agreement between the man and the women during the the week of the full moon. You promise yourself to each other. You can set your own rules but in the end the man can pretty much control you. (This is my take on it at least)

P.S I wrote this review on my phone, my computer was dead at the time. *

Book 1 in the Series:


  1. I have yet to read book 1, just can't seem to latch on PNR lately. I need to catch up!


  2. Have you read any Keri Arthur books? I can't remember. I love her books. And I can't seem to latch onto anything that is not paranormal. lol

  3. Oh I'm jealous it sounds so good! I loved the first one and I can't wait to get into this one.


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