Randomly Random Interview with Liz at Fictional Candy

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Welcome to our new feature: 
Randomly Random Interviews! 
We here at AwesomeSauce missed Featuring Bloggers and getting to know them better. So instead of what we did before and only talked books now we are going to talk about lots of Randomness! Hope you Enjoy and make some new friends!!

So without Further Ado Please Welcome 
Liz from Fictional Candy

Fictional Candy

  • Welcome to Awesomesauce please tell us a little about you and your blog?
 Hey Awesomesauce! My name is Liz and I run Fictional Candy. I like to cover anything from Romance to Erotica to Horror to Paranormal and Urban Fantasy. And anything in between!
  •   If you could pick a book character to be stuck on a deserted island with, who would you pick and why?
 This totally changes with every book! Right now it would be Hayden from the Contagium series. He’s a big and buff Marine, but is totally a zombie annihilator. He’s sweet and caring, but tough and strong. And I love him <3
  • What is your favorite paranormal creature and why? 
 This changes constantly too, but if I could get a demon-vampire-werewolf hybrid I’d be a happy girl
  • Blogging is tough,.what keeps you doing it?
It is tough! But, as I’m sure you know, its an addiction. The thrill of getting a new book, the excitement when people actually come by and comment on what you’ve done, meeting new people who love to read and get involved with the characters as much as you do! It’s all terrific ☺
  • If you could meet 5 of your favorite bloggers who would you pick?
 Tough one!! I’d say Valerie from Proserpine’s Craving, Naomi from Nomi’s Paranormal Palace, Megan from Riverina Romantics, Silvia and Franny from Dark Mind Book Tours (Clever of me to combine them, right?) and Sharon and Katie from I Smell Sheep (another awesome combination!)
  • If you won the lottery, what's the first selfish thing you would do or buy?
 I’d totally hook up my family with houses and cars, and enough money to retire.
  •  What book would you love to see made into a movie? 
 Easy! All of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series!

  •  The zombie apocalypse has happened, what are your plans to survive?
 I have several plans, this is something I try to talk about daily with my coworkers ….except they don’t want to talk about it. Shame on them. But I have my “go bags” ready to go and in my car. Next I’d find a place to loot, like a sporting goods store because they will have clothes, weapons, camping gear and even food (the freeze dried yucky stuff!), and then I’m going to RUN! Ok, well, I’m going to hopefully attempt to drive. I’m working on getting a 4x4 truck to help this part of my plan. Depending on how fast it all goes down I’m either heading out to my family’s house in a more rural area or I am just going to drive as far and as fast as I can. I’m also hoping to meet an alpha man along the way, like some of the guys from books like Taking On The Dead and The Contagium series, since they already know how to handle the zombies. Next I really just want to hide for as long as possible, I don’t care if I don’t see daylight for weeks. I need to find me a crossbow though….

Favorites tv show – The Walking Dead
Color- Purple
Movie- Flash Gordon game Scattergories
Holiday- Halloween!
Season- Autumn
Guilty Pleasure- Cotton Candy

  •   If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why? 
I totally want to see Poland, cause I’m Polish and I think it just sounds like a great historical and beautiful place to see – with awesome food. Or next would be Greece, because it just looks like it’d be beyond gorgeous! 

 Thanks so much Liz for stopping by! 
And make sure you all check her out. You can find her around at:

Facebook | Twitter | Blog


  1. Thanks for stopping by. I love talking zombie apocalypse plans. I have several. And I can't wait for this Sunday. The Walking Dead is coming back on!!!

  2. I would pick a chance to meet you too! :) and BDB would be an awesome movie!!!

    1. I can't even imagine how spectacular it would be *sigh*


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