Randomly Random Interview with Danielle from Romance Book Junkie

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Welcome to our new feature: 
Randomly Random Interviews! 
We here at AwesomeSauce missed Featuring Bloggers and getting to know them better. So instead of what we did before and only talked books now we are going to talk about lots of Randomness! Hope you Enjoy and make some new friends!!

So without Further Ado Please Welcome 

1. Welcome to AwesomeSauce please tell us a little about you and your blog?
  • My blog is the Romance Book Junkies and it is run by a true book junkie, me or you can call me Danielle. Romance Book Junkies is a place were you can come to get reviews on books, learn about different and new authors, read guest posts and interviews, join my book club and enter lots and lots of giveaways. I have one reviewer who I work with named Ava and she's spectacular. She helps out with more than just reviews sometimes she's like my side kick. And most of all we like to have fun.

2. Why did you start blogging?
  • I started blogging because I read so many wonderful books and didn't have anyone to share it with. Now I have lots of friends online that I can talk books with.

3. When you're not reading and reviewing what do you do?
  • When I'm not reading or reviewing I can be found taking creative writing classes and workshops, practicing my writing, painting in oils and taking care of the family.

4. Blogging is tough,what keeps you doing it?
  • I think all the followers and the joy I get from doing it is what keeps me going.

5. If you won the lottery, what's the first selfish thing you would do or buy?
  • I would build a huge library in my house that's at least two stories tall. Then I would have the pleasure of buying all the books to fill my new library.

6. What book would you love to see made into a movie?

  • I have a whole list and you just want one? Ok, how about Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost because I just finished it and it was awesome.

7. What is your favorite paranormal creature and why?

  • I'm a big sucker for vampires. lol I can't get enough and I don't know why maybe it has something to do with having powers, being immortal and all vampires are sexy right?

8. If you were stuck on a deserted island tell us what 3 things you'd bring in each category?
Drinks- Water, Coca Cola and White Zinfandel
Books- My Kindle with charging power please!
Miscellaneous items- soap, rope and some kind of tarp to make shelter
Movies- Wizard of Oz, The Titanic, The Gladiator
Food- Sugar, Pasta, Potatoes

9. Doc Brown pulled up with his time machine and said he would take you to any time in the future or past anywhere you wanted, where would you pick and why?

  • I would pick to go back to the time of the highlanders. I love a man in a kilt.

10. Favorites
TV show - I don't watch TV but I do enjoy Tosh.0 sometimes
Color - Purple
Movie - Wizard of Oz
- cribbage
Holiday - Christmas
Season - Spring
Guilty Pleasure - Ice Cream

Thanks so much Danielle for joining us today!!
P.S I am HUGE Wizard of Oz fan! Just had to add that. ;)


  1. Me too! If I win the lottery I'll build myself an indoor and outdoor library/reading nook. High five!


  2. I would so build a library. like the one in Beauty and the Beast.

    I was excited to see you picked Wizard of Oz. I freaking love that movie. I have a shelf on my book case dedicated to Wizard of Oz. Plus I have all the dolls still in boxes.


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