Review: For Want of An Angel by Rosalie Lario

Monday, September 17, 2012
Series: The Fallen Warriors #3
Publication Date: August 31st, 2012
Pages: 120
Reviewer: Amber I.


Fallen angel Aaron has found the woman of his dreams, an alluring nephilim who has no clue what she really is. By taking her as his mate, he can preserve his strength and immortality... something he’ll need in the fight against the angels who seek to destroy mankind. But first he must convince her that he and his Fallen brethren are not the evil beings they have been made out to be.

Samantha Benson has the ability to interfere with electrical signals, an attribute which makes professional thievery the perfect career for her. As if her special abilities weren’t enough to deal with, a fallen angel lands right before her and tells her she has angelic blood. He also expects her to believe the Fallen are really the good guys, and that the rest of the angels plan for human annihilation. Surely the sexy-as-sin Fallen is lying. But if so, then why do his words make such sense?

As the Fallen plan to infiltrate a secret prison built by the angels, Aaron must not only convince Samantha that mankind needs her help, but also that the two of them are meant to be together...forever.

I love this series. These are one of my first sexy fallen angels I have ever read about so they hold that special black winged place in my heart.

These books even though we are dealing with Angels is not very religious like or preachy. Angels have taken over Earth. They are using humans pretty much as slaves but the humans are clueless. Once they get what they need from them, then bye bye human race. But our very sexy Fallen Angels are not okay with this and are on a mission to show humans what is going on.

This is the third book in the series so we are onto a new Fallen Angel Aaron. Who is sexy and well just freaking awesome. He has found his mate a nephilim (even though she doesn't know it yet) He needs to convince his little cat burglar to help in the mission and hopefully fall in love with him.

This is one of those one sit reads for me. While the story line was interesting and I do really want to see how this all works out, the romance part had me glued to the pages. Its hot and steamy and its just how I like it. If you are a paranormal romance lover you are going to love these books.

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  1. I should read the first book that you recommended. I'm having a reading slump lately I now have 5 "currently-reading" books. I don't know what to read! Gah! Maybe this will jump start my enthusiasm again.

  2. Her Demon of Infernum books series was good too. I'll have to try this one out...sounds like a interesting series.


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