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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sometimes even outcasts can earn forgiveness. Thrust into a nightmare, Thea thinks all hope is lost, until an unexpected rescue by three strangers. Forget returning to her old life though, because not only does a psycho vampire want her back, a trio of wolves wants to claim her as their mate. What started out as a search for his missing sibling, turns into a rescue mission of a woman who makes his inner beast howl. Trent knows it wrong to want his dead brother’s mate, but he can’t help himself, and neither can his friends. However, danger stalks the one they want and they’ll have to face true evil before they can set her free. And for an outcast wolf, the path to redemption is lonely. Can Jaxon ever atone enough to be welcomed back to his pack and into the arms of the woman he loves?

Thea hid like a coward in the bathroom. She’d jumped on the chance for a shower, locking the door behind her and stripping the stinking gown from her body. Oh, to feel clean again. She cranked the water until steam rose before she stepped in. The hot spray hit the gash on her thigh, and she hissed. In the mad flight down the mountain then the wild race to get away, she’d actually forgotten about it. Peeking down at it, she noted it didn’t seem as ragged as before, the edges sealed together, healing already, impossible as it seemed.

Turning her attention away from the cut, she tilted her face into the spray to let its cleansing warmth wash the traces of her captivity from her skin. The tiny shampoo bottle that all motels seemed to stock gave enough to soap and rinse twice. As for the bar of soap, she scrubbed herself almost raw with it to erase the taint of her captor.

With nothing left to wash, she leaned her forehead on the tile and just let the water cascade down her bare shoulders. Let herself finally think.
What am I going to do?

Hours ago, she’d waited to die, but her unexpected rescue meant she had a second chance.
We have a second chance. She cupped her rounded abdomen. But a chance to do what? And go where? Roderick wouldn’t let her go without a fight. He’d have a hard time finding them tonight—or so she hoped. However, he would track her, find her, and when he did . . .Will I be alone, unable to defend myself, or among men who’ve proven themselves capable of fighting? Or at least they were skilled at fighting wolves like themselves. How they would fare against the vampire remained unknown. Chances were they’d cave to Roderick’s will like David and the others had, doing his bidding, which meant she was screwed.Screwed if I stay. Screwed if I leave. The water turned cold, matching the chill that clutched her heart as despair, her close friend, returned.

She turned off the tap and sank to the bottom of the tub, the noisy fan in the ceiling muffling her sobs. She was so tired of being scared. So tired of . . .

A scream left her lips as the door to the bathroom smashed open and bodies crowded outside the curtain then tore it open. With only a heartbeat to scramble, she pulled her knees up and together in front of her bulging belly, draping her arms over the top as she tried to cover herself from the gaze of three pairs of eyes turned her way.

“What’s wrong?”

“Do you need help?”

“For Christ’s sake, someone hand her a towel.”

The overlapping inquiries and demands stopped her sobs, but her breathing still hitched as she stared at them with tear-streaked cheeks.

Darren knelt at the side of the tub and draped a towel over her shoulders, the corner of it hitting her legs. She clutched it and shivered.

“Why are you all in here?” she stammered when they continued to watch with grim expressions.

“We heard you crying and thought you were in trouble.”

Heard her? His simple claim slapped her with the fact that these men, no matter how nice they seemed, were not human. They were animals. Animals like David and the others who hurt her. Terror gripped her, and her tears flooded anew.
What do they want from me?

I absolutely loved this book from the beginning. I really liked Thea's story and how her relationship with David was beginning to unravel. David has awful mood swings and he's really violent with her sometimes. The only thing that's keeping them together at this point is the fact that she's pregnant. Until things take a major turn for the worst. Thea's world is shattered when she is taken captive and finds out that werewolves and vampires aren't just horror stories. They're real life. 

Thea is rescued by four werewolves who banded together to try to kill the vampire who kidnapped Thea. There is a lot going on in this book that is all connected together. The main theme is that the werewolves are working to try to kill this werewolf turned vampire because he's using mind control to set up an army. And there are a lot of obstacles in their way. Including the undeniable attraction Thea has for two of the werewolves who rescued her. But the attraction is definitely returned and we get some really hot moments. 

I really enjoyed this book. I liked the mix of the hotness of the sexy times with the craziness of the storyline. Eve is always giving us exactly what we want and this time is no different. This book was a quick, awesome read. I can't wait to read more from this series. 


  1. This is one of the rare Eve Langlais books I have not read. I mean I haven't read any in this series. I so so so need to. I would have read this one but we all know I have problems and can't read out of order. Its on my list though.

  2. I loved the first two books in this series and can't wait to read this one too. I have not found any of Eve's books that I did not enjoy (and I have almost all of them, lol). Thanks for a great review.

  3. Eve is an amazing author. She always brings that perfect mix of heat and drama. Love her.


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