Review: Enslave by Felicity Heaton

Monday, August 6, 2012
Series: Vampire Erotic #4
 Publication Date: August 2nd, 2012
Pages: 122
Reviewer: Amber I.

His determination to succeed in business has left no room in his life for love. Now, a beautiful and deadly succubus has teleported into his dark, decadent world and is in danger of enslaving his heart.

Andreu’s future entails opening an erotic theatre like Vampirerotique, gaining wealth, women and power, not shackling himself to a single female, but he cannot deny the dangerously seductive succubus who stirs his anger and passion, and tempts him like no other—he will have her.

The moment their eyes meet, Varya knows she cannot have the exotic dark vampire who sets her pulse racing. His shadowed aura marks him as forbidden, but the hungers he awakens in her are too intense to resist—she must have a taste.

When an erotically-charged kiss ignites their soul-searing passion and reveals something dangerous about Andreu, will Varya leave forever or will she dare to risk all in pursuit of something she thought was beyond her reach?

Oh I love this series. I swear every time I read  a new one I think this is my favorite! I have a total thing for that forbidden romance and man is Andreu and Varya are totally forbidden. Andreu is a vampire, he also has a shadow aura and according to Varya clan he is totally off limits or else. Varya is a succubus who can kill Andreu during sex, not an easy match. Not too mention Andreu is dead set on never getting tied down to a women, and Varya believes succubus can not feel emotions, most of all love. Then when you add in all the hot hot sexin going on, you have a perfect book for me.

Vampire Erotic series are always sure to have lots and lots of hot delicious sex! And of coarse some smoking hot vampires and a feisty female! I love how we are getting introduced to more and more paranormals has the series continues. Each book brings something more to the table and always leaves me wanting more. I can't believe I didn't start these sooner.

I mean even their kissing got me all hot and bothered. These two definitely had some smoking hot chemistry. 

If you like lots and lots of sex and some delicious characters, oh and a great story then you have found your series! Trust me they are GREAT!!

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If you missed book 1-3 well here they are:


  1. Replies
    1. Ikr? I'm on a vamp ban but maybe I will give book 1 a try.

    2. you both do! But be prepared for lots and lots of sex!

  2. Thanks for the awesome review! I'll be working on the next book in the series soon but have seven sexy gods demanding my attention right now.

    1. Oh I can't wait for the next one. And for Snow! I have to go check out more of your books while I wait.

  3. I have been looking at this series for a while. I think I shall bump it up on my TBR list! Great Review. :0)

    1. You should. Just be ready for a very very hot good time!


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