Last Vamp Standing by Kristen Miller (Guest Post and Giveaway)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Tone: Dark and sexy
Heat Level: hot
Elements/Tags: Vampires, Shifters, Watchers
Publisher: HarperCollins/Avon Impulse
Publishing Date: eBook: August 28th, 2012 print: unknown at this time
Format: eBook and print-on-demand
Words: 96,000
Back Cover Blurb:
Last Vamp Standing by Kristin Miller; 8/28/12

Tortured by demonic voices, Dante’s soul is as black as they come. But when he meets Ariana—an innocent vampire fighting demons of her own—he second-guesses everything he’s ever known about sacrifice, passion, and soul-scorching love.
Before Dante wages war against Crimson Bay’s greatest threat, he must make a choice: love Ariana the way she deserves, risking her life in the process—or fight to protect her, unleashing the monster he’s determined to bury.

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 About Author:
Kristin Miller has had a passion for language and literature her whole life. Born and raised in Small Town USA, she often made up stories about faraway places and edge-of-your-seat adventures.
After graduating from Humboldt State University with a degree in psychology, Kristin realized there is no scarier place than the warped human psyche. Wanting to combine her love of writing with her desire to paint twisted villains, Kristin wound up in the unlikeliest of places—the classroom. She taught high school and middle school English before giving in to the desire to create her own world, where villains can be sympathetic and heroes can be devilishly good.
She is represented by Nalini Akolekar of Spencerhill Associates Ltd. and writes dark paranormal romances and toe curling romantic suspense..

Music as Fuel
Guest Post with Kristen

Music is said to whisper to the soul. To rile the inner muse into action and spin thoughts where none existed before. I’ve made playlists for every book I’ve written. Looking back, I can see the songs in the Vampires of Crimson Bay series have served a definite purpose.

In InterVamption, I listed to Pink’s Glitter in the Air (the Live version) and I Don’t Believe You, over and over again. I repeated Robert Pattinson’s Never Think (the unedited version) more times than I care to admit. Those songs became the backdrop for the books. I hear them when I read, even now. InterVamption was surprisingly easy to write. I wrote the 100k novel in four months, and that includes editing time. The music was soft, the writing was smooth—they went hand in hand.

In Vamped Up, I listened to slightly heavier tunes. Bush and Eminem made appearances in the playlist, as well as Stone Sour and Snuff by Slipknot. I needed music to fuel the words. There were many times I struggled with getting the book “just right”. All I had to do was turn on a kick ass song that boiled my blood and the words came out harsh and heavy. Sublime.

Last Vamp Standing, the newest release, was a different beast entirely. Not only did I need the dark and gritty to continue, but I needed finesse. Tying together a series was harder than I thought it’d be. I created a playlist that mixed dark with light. Florence and the Machine and Metallica spoke to me during the fight scenes, or places where the tension was high. During the scenes where I needed to ground my characters and settle issues, I repeated Paolo Nutini, Annie Lennox and David Gray. It was a perfect balance, exactly what the book needed.

As I go back and peruse through the playlists, I realize the songs tell a story. It defines my journey to get through that book. It brings back the struggles I faced while writing, the plot holes and missteps. The songs even remind me of times when I plopped my head on the desk, completely drained, sure the book would fall apart. Only a few minutes later, I took a deep breath and pushed forward, writing some of the best stuff yet.

Do you create playlists for books as you read or write? If you had to choose a theme song for your favorite book, what would it be?

Giveaway Details:
  • Two random commenters from the tour will win their choice of either a Kindle or Nook format eBook of Last Vamp Standing.
  • Contest is open the duration of the tour (August 20 - September 7) and Internationally.
  • Winner(s) will be randomly selected and notified via email.
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  1. This sounds like a good PNR. I will have to check out this series. Thank so much for the post :)
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you enjoy it!

    2. Oh, and I love Metallica! And a lot of the other artists you mentioned :)

  2. Just added this series to my Goodreads TBR list - sounds perfect for me :) Thanks for the post!

  3. Thanks for hosting Kristin today! :)

  4. Sounds like an interesting PNR!! Hope to be able to read it.


  5. I don't usually associate certain songs with books. I've noticed that a lot of authors have playlists while they write, but I find music with words a distraction when I'm writing (of course, my writing is a lot more boring - it's academic).


    1. I'm sure academic writing is a different beast entirely! I've found that what works for one, doesn't work for another. There are also authors who actually put the playlists into their books, whether the music shows up on the radio in a scene, or played by a band in a night club. So many intereting methods to incorporate music.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I am looking forward to the release of this book! It sounds like its going to be great. Thanks for the giveaway and the hop!

    cguidroz2 at cox dot net

  7. I love vampires. I can't wait to read this series. Please enter me in contest.

  8. Sounds great. Looking forward to reading it.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  9. I am a vamp-tramp at heart. Please feel free to enter me in the contest because this book sounds amazing! sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

  10. Hi
    I love vamps and I'm always looking forward to new authors and books.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    dany7578 at hotmail dot com

  11. I do actually create playlists as I write. I tend to listen to movie trailer music, folk metal, or symphonic metal. Music with fast beats and minimal coherent lyrics are the best for getting my writing going!

    lindsayavalon (at) gmail (dot) com

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