Review: Mating Call by Felicity Heaton

Thursday, July 26, 2012
Series: In Heat #2
Publication Date: December 2007
Format: ebook
Reviewer: Amber R.

The English winter weather has no chance of cooling Kim down when her dreams of Erik return, and this time they’re hotter than ever! Having spent the past two years waiting to be in heat again so she can mate with her black panther shape-shifter lover, Erik Blackwell, Kim is excited about the prospect that she’s ready at last. But there’s one thing that she isn’t ready for...

The handsome white tiger shape-shifter that walks into their visions and then into their life, proclaiming himself to be her potential mate too!

With two shape-shifters hearing her call, Kim doesn’t know what to do. All she wants is to be Erik’s, but she has no control over the visions they share and she finds herself starting to enjoy the intensely sensual and sexual things she and her two would-be lovers do in them.

Erik’s jealousy of the newcomer is only made worse by the fact that the man turns out to be the crown prince of Denmark, Prince Kristian, and he’s as intent on winning Kim as Erik is on keeping her for himself.

Torn between two lovers, will Kim have the strength to ignore Kristian’s heat and her attraction to him? Unable to stop herself from joining in the carnal pleasures in their visions, will she be able to resist the lure of Kristian in real life? Will Erik believe everything that happens or will he see past the lies to the truth and fight for the woman he loves?

Erik and Kim have had two years of relationship bliss. Kim is on the brink of being ready to mate again, when her visions start coming back and there is a bump in the so called easy mating process. Another possible mate.

Let me just say, I was thankful for air conditioning while I was reading this book. It was super freaking hot. Erik and Kim's connection is so steamy. Even though I didn't like another possible mate being thrown into the mix, I have to admit that the visions with all three of them together? All kinds of sexy. Kristian, the potential mate, is a total douchebag though. He's so rude and forceful with Kim. Not too mention I don't like seeing the discourse between Kim and Erik.

This book is so hot though. Felicity has yet to let me down. I don't know how I missed her books all of these years but I'll definitely be catching up with her books. This series is so great, if you haven't checked it out you definitely should.


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