Review: A Demon and His Psycho by Eve Langlais

Monday, July 23, 2012
Series: Welcome to Hell #2
Publication Date: July 19, 2012
Format: ebook

Reviewed by: Amber I.

Warning:This story centers around a grumpy demon holding onto an ancient vow and a perky psycho (with killer tendencies) who is determined to make him snap. There's cursing, melt-your-screen hotness, messed up religious tropes and snort out loud fun. If you enjoy raunchy humor, sizzling moments and already know you’re going to Hell, then dive on in.

I'm not crazy. I just have anger issues.

With a giggle and an outrageous mouth – perfect for things other than talking – Katie comes flying into Xaphan’s life, upsetting centuries of self-inflicted misery. How can he stay true to the one he lost when a bubbly psycho, with mismatched eyes, keeps consuming his thoughts – and awakening his desire?

So she was a tad bit nuts, Katie’s insanity came in handy as the Devil’s favorite problem solver. But killing’s not on the menu when a dragon goes missing, and worse, Lucifer teams her up with Hell’s grumpiest demon. His rejection of her advances only makes her more determined to seduce him. And despite her violent reputation, a part of her is oddly tempted to let him live.

Welcome to Hell where the rules are always changing, the ash is constantly raining, and Lucifer is watching, waiting to steal your soul…

Who would have thought Lucifer being a perfect match maker? lol The man in charge of Hell himself is setting up couples and they are falling in love. Seems odd but he is trying to build his army.

Katie is a crazy psycho. She enjoys killing. Unfortunately in her human life this is what cost her, her life. Even if she did only kill scum bags who really didn't deserve to live. Sadly Katie has a bad past and trusts no man. Now in Hell the even call her The Black Widow. Even if she doesn't trust men, the girl still has needs! But the men she decides to satisfy those needs with never see the light of another day. Remember I told you she was a psycho.

Then there is Xaphan who made a ridiculous vow some 300 yrs ago to never love another. And the crazy mofo has kept it. That is until a little psycho vixen walks in with her sexual innuendos and starts to shatter Mr. Grumpy's well kept walls. And its a good thing she does, a man that looks as good as Xaphan does should not be self pleasuring himself at all! Unless he is putting a show!

This dysfunctional couple was no easy match. Him with his burdens and Katie with hers. Even is she breaks through his shell and gets him in bed she still plans to kill him.

I have said it tons of times before but I freaking love Eve Langlais! She always gives me exactly what I want in a book. I feel almost like repeating all my gushing love for her again and again. But I don't want to keep saying the same thing! You just really need to check out her books! Trust me! And Welcome To Hell series is becoming one of my top favorites of hers. I can't wait to Lucifer's next  pair he sets up!

A quote from the Devil himself:
"You'd think me yelling, 'Yeah baby, that's it, take it deep!' would be enough to show her what I feel. But no. She wants to hear the L word. WOMEN!".......

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  1. I've read A Demon and His Witch and loved it! I'm very looking forward to this one.

    1. This one was just as good. Eve Langlais just rocks!


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