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Thursday, May 17, 2012

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Here is this week's question:

 Summer Break is upon us! What would be the perfect vacation spot for you to catch up on your reading & relax?

I would pick somewhere warm by a beach and secluded. Which would mean just me!! And maybe a friend who likes to read too so they won't bother me.  I could work on my tan and read. And be by the water. Maybe have some margaritas. Sounds like heaven to me.


  1. Sounds perfect :) I love nothing more than to sip on a nice, old drink while reading on the beach.

    Happy Friday!


  2. Ya'll can come down and visit any ole time. I live less than 5 miles from Atlantic Beach.

    Happy Friday Amber's

  3. That's exactly the kind of spot I'd like too. Do you think it's actually possible to find one? I'm a new follower following via GFC. Happy Reading!

    The Scarf Princess....

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  5. Happy Friday! :D

    Great answer! That definitely sounds like a great place to read a good book and relax. :)

    NEW follower! :D

    Stop by my blog sometime! :)

  6. A secluded beach, nice. I recently went to the beach which was lovely ^.^
    New follower;

  7. Oh Sawesome!!! A private beach all to yourself, and I'm not there??! At least you're invited to mine. Hehe..

    Happy Friday!!! XOXO
    P.s. I just got home, I'm going to finish my thingy, and I'll have your questions ready for you tomorrow!! If you have any send them so I don't do duplicates!! :)

  8. Share that drink with me? Hah. As long as it's private, I think I'm all for vacation.. Didn't think about that when I answered.. Argh.

    Patricia // My Hop

  9. Nice to have a private beach!!! New follower via GFC Love your blog
    Book Review Club

  10. Sounds great! I hope to get some beach reading done this summer.

    Old follower. :-) Our FF

  11. Yep, I'm all about getting somewhere secluded. Old follower! My Follow

  12. Hopping through. There's nothing like a private beach (at least I assume b/c I haven't been to one). Just you and the water.
    My Hop

  13. Beach is a popular choice this week, but a private beach is even better!! I'm so ready for a vacation now! *lol*

    Stop by and see my TGIF / Follow Friday!

  14. Sounds like a beautiful spot. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a beach person... too much sand getting into everything.

    Here's my Follow Friday. Stop by if you get a chance.

  15. Good answer! Def a friend who likes reading too so I don't get lonely (: But they'd have to be all the way on the other side of the beach right? So they're not too distracting.

    - Kim
    My Hop

  16. You're right it would be the perfect place, a great choice!

    old follower

    here is mine

  17. Mmm sounds good! I really want to go away somewhere after reading these posts!

    New follower :-)

    My FF post:

  18. Oooh Amber that sounds heavenly. Love to go somewhere as nice.

  19. Yep, seeing lots of beaches! Ha and for a second I thought that was the beach sign from Jaws! But then I read it and realized it wasn't!

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  20. New follower:) here's my FF post. :)

  21. New follower here!

    A beach, some water, a friend who likes to read to, some sun and nice cool drinks. That are the best ingredients for a lovely reading spot :D

  22. New Follower here *waves arms madly... gee that's tiring*
    Your Site really is Awesomesauce! A secluded beach is a very nice idea, I however, went with a holiday full of my favourite things: snow, chocolate and Daemon Black! ;) Here's My Hop
    Happy Hopping!!!

  23. Sounds like heaven to me too. Have a nice weekend.

    My FF


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