The Prophet by Amanda Stevens (Early Review)

Friday, April 13, 2012
Series: The Graveyard Queen #3
Expected Publication: April 24th, 2012
Publisher: Mira
Reviewed by: Ambers I & R
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My name is Amelia Gray.

I am the Graveyard Queen, a cemetery restorer who sees ghosts. My father passed down four rules to keep me safe and I’ve broken every last one. A door has opened and evil wants me back.

In order to protect myself, I’ve vowed to return to those rules. But the ghost of a murdered cop needs my help to find his killer. The clues lead me to the dark side of Charleston—where witchcraft, root doctors and black magic still flourish—and back to John Devlin, a haunted police detective I should only love from afar.

Now I’m faced with a terrible choice: follow the rules or follow my heart.

Amber I's Thoughts

Oh man, have I ever mentioned how much in love with this series I am!! Its been forever where I have given 5 stars for each book. But my goodness Amanda Stevens is just an evil genius and always sucks me in! I spent a very late Friday night devouring this book.

Let me say too that this review may seem vague (except for my gushing moments) because I DO NOT at all want to give anything away. If you live under a rock or I haven't yelled at you enough to read this series then please exit here and go pick up the first two books! :)

In The Prophet, I think I had literally two moments where I stood up clapping in joy! If you've read this you probably know what I am talking about. We get so much in this book. The best and most saddest and most mysterious part is we get to sink into Devlins past! And my goodness is there so much to learn. My jaw was dropping and I was so mad and so sad and its just a bag of crazy flakes!

The Prophet is a little less creepy then the other books but the story is just as intriguing. I am serious Amanda Stevens is just purely a genius. This series is in my top 5 spots of favorite books. Every time I start one of these books I can not stop until I know the full story. Its one of those stories that stays on your mind for days or makes you bribe all your friends to read it too so you can talk about it with them.

The ending left me totally satisfied yet made me double check there would be more. While she covered a lot of my questions, I just can not let this series by over with yet! I know my review told you nothing really but please check out my first 2 reviews or just look at this review in all its fan girl moments and know its a book worth checking out ASAP!

Amber R's Thoughts

The last half of this book is where it's at. The first half is pretty good too, don't get me wrong. We get a lot of information. We find out even more about the Devlin-Mariama connection. There is a lot of information that comes to light about Dr. Shaw, Ethan, Robert Fremont, and a lot of other players in this story. 

There are several moments in this book where I was so happy I couldn't stand it. There were also a few different times when I wanted to scream in frustration. I was literally telling myself over and over that it couldn't be true. At times throughout this book, I was seriously creeped out by what was going on. Although, Amber I is right, it wasn't quite as creepy as the other two. Several things come to light that are quite shocking. I honestly never saw it coming. I had suspicions but then I had convinced myself that it couldn't 
possibly be. 

Amanda Stevens gives us a lot of closure in this book. A lot of my questions were answered and I honestly couldn't ask for anything better. However, I think she left it open to continue on later if she decides too. I really hope she does because I feel like Amelia has more story to tell. I just hope Amanda feels the same way. 


  1. I am with you both on the ending. As soon as I finished this book, I jumped on Twitter and demanded that Amanda Stevens tell me there would be more books. If this had been the end, I would have gone insane!

  2. Well...I'm going to add this to my ever growing TBR list =) Thanks for sharing...I love your reviews..short and to the point.

  3. Tanya you must read it!! Its amazing.

    And Jen I was the same way. I had to know there would be more. I could have used a lot more details about a certain scene. But that is just the perv in


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