Our Chicago trip! Authors, bloggers and PIZZA!lol

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
I have no idea, how to set up this post.lol I have a lot of pictures and some pretty awesomesauce stories to tell you. So I am going to post all pictures and add some captions! Me and Amber R. drove to Chicago Friday to go to the book signing on Saturday at the RT Convention. But Friday night we had the most amazing experience EVER!! So here is my post about some of that. (Please note pics are not in order.) I am so behind on everything I have to go to work. So I am sorry for not organizing this  better.

From Left to Right: Amber R. Sarah (Rachels assistant) Rachel Caine and that crazy girl pretty much on Rachels lap is me Amber I. We hung out with Rachel and Sarah for a few hours and had a few drinks. Me being me, had a TOTAL unprofessional fan girl moment. I was a hot mess and a gushing fool! It was AMAZING!!!

Richelle Mead and Me. I seen her in the elevator but chickened out saying anything. But like 30 min. later I was in the restaurant and seen her again. I did post a tweet about my failed attempt in the elevator and she was like you should have said HI. SO when I seen her again I was like I am going for it and went up to her. And she was like you're Amber from AwesomeSauce right?? Yes I almost died. True I did just tweet her about the elevator 20 min. before but please DO NOT burst my bubble.

Me and Jeaniene Frost at the signing

Me and Chloe Neill at the signing

Me and Darynda Jones at the signing

Me and The Bookish Snob Friday Night

This is where I first ran into Rachel Caine. She was on the elevator. It was seriously sooo awesome. I was soo excited! I went to my room to put my phone on the charger and when I was waiting for the elevator a lady was standing there with a badge and I was like Hi what is your name and she said Rachel Caine. I seriously screamed. I was like OMG I love you!! Then I was like shit I do not have my camera and I need proof I saw you. So we rode the elevator down and she was like my assistant is meeting me downstairs she can take our pic. So I was babbling fool. Then Sarah comes over takes our pic. and I am like remember me from awesomesauce and chat them up. Then I ask her to come to my table to see Amber, and she was like okay. And she came over and sat with us and never left. I seriously talked and talked! I was such a fan girl. I even told her she was like my Brad Pitt!!lol I was like you know how girls dream of meeting him I dream of meeting you. Oh man I was such a crazy girl.

Rachel Caine and Amber R. After I asked her to come to our table to meet Amber. And she did!! She is soooo awesome! I love her.
The BEST Damn pizza EVER!

Me drinking it up.

Us on our way to Chicago

Amber R. at the bar

Amber R with her heaven in a cup aka fountain coke

Me and the most AMAZING pizza ever. It was sooo freaking good. Words can not describe it. It was love at first bite. Also if you think there is not a lot of sexual references one can make to a pizza, well you where not at our table.lol

Amber R. with Jeaniene Frost

Amber R, with Chloe Neill


  1. Looks like you ladies had a WONDERFUL time and met some really cool authors. Jealous. Umm…..and that pizza looked yummy. Now I'm hungry.

    - Cimmaron

  2. Looks and sounds like you had a great time. And what a yummy looking pizza.

    Safari Poet

  3. Looks like you had a grreat time! :) I'm a bit envious, I'd love to be able to meet the autors, as well as many of our fellow readers. One of these days, I wil lget to an event. :)

    TBQ's Book Palace

  4. I want to go to the full convention. But just going to the weekend part was fun. I wish I could have handled my alcohol better and did not feel like crap at the signing. (entirely my own dumb fault) so I missed out on a lot of authors, something I will be kicking myself about for time to come. But I did meet some of my top favorites and got to sit and talk to Rachel freaking Caine! Plus me and Amber R. had a BLAST! And I will going back to Chicago just for that pizza! It was the most amazing thing ever!

  5. Looks like you had a blast. Gets me excited about the BEA, I can not wait to go to that in June. It is always so much fun to meet the authors and all the great books & swag.

  6. I want a slice of that deep dish pizza and i am loving your shades ladies!

  7. Your pictures were such fun! I know exactly how you felt meeting Rachel Caine. I remember when I met Charlaine Harris. (I was a totally blabbering idiot. It was awesome!) Authors are like my rock stars. I saw Richelle Mead at the RT conference in Columbus Ohio. But I never got the courage up to talk to her. You're so brave! And holy-smokes that's the thickest pizza I've ever seen!!
    Thanks so much for posting your pictures and sharing your fun. Makes up for missing out.

  8. Oh my gosh! You met so many great authors! and that pizza *drool* makes me hungry just looking at it.

  9. Everyone should go to Chicago just for that pizza! I could not believe it when I ate it. I wanted to eat the whole thing.lol But it was too filling and barely made it through my 2nd piece. But I am serious, it was AMAZING!

  10. Thanks for sharing =) Looks like so much fun. I would have been gushing over everyone too....I've never read any Raechel Cain books but Darynda and Jeanienne...OMG..yes they're my Brad Pitt...Lol I'm so happy you guys met them. I wish I had some book buddies here so we could do some road trips to signings. My husband refuses :( and I have no friends..lol..just because were military and move so often. Thanks again for sharing so we can experience your experience ;)


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