3 Star Rating Event

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Welcome to the 3 star rating event hosted by Bitten by Paranormal Romance.Today we are going to talk to about how we feel about 3 stars and take a few readers views on it. At the end of this post we would love your thoughts to. Tomorrow we will be back with a few amazing authors and how they feel about 3 stars.

 What do 3 star rating mean to us?

Honestly ratings are not my thing. As you can tell I did not do them for a long time on the blog because they are hard to decide them meaning of them. I just started doing them because a few people told me they liked to see a rating. I think that you shouldn't look at the rating so much but look at the words. I am not a professional! I do not get paid to review books so I just write what comes to my head, its all personal. So yes maybe I decided I didn't want to give you 4 or 5 stars because the girl in the book picked the wrong guy, or you ended a book in a way that I didn't like. I can't help myself that is just how I am. Everything is personal to me. I hardly ever complain about a book with errors in it because if there are so many its annoying, well I quit reading. Also if a book is not to my liking I quit reading. I do review and rate books with 3 stars, and that to me means I liked them. I have a few of my most favorite series start off as 3 star books (like The Chicagoland Vampire and Fever series)

So if you see I rated a book 3 stars, see why. What I complain about might be something you like. Or as an author if I rate your book 3 stars then see why, it usually has nothing to do with you but with me. I will always tell what I liked and didn't like in a book. (I hope I made sense)

 I also think I have a high 3 star and a low 3 star. (I should make a fancy icon for that.lol) Anyways you really need to look into my words to tell that. A star rating is just something quick to give you an idea. Its not a bad rating but I guess you could say its not an amazing rating either. Just remember reviews are just an opinion of 1 person, they are personal to that reader. No one can make everyone happy, and I hope I give the people who read my reviews enough insight to the whys of why I gave the book a 3 star and they can make up their own mind.

-Amber I.

I like the rating system, it gives me a quick easy way to see how much a reviewer liked the book they are reviewing. Besides sometimes people have some really cute icons. I think you really need to focus on the actual reviews though. In the review is where you're going to get the meat of the book, you're going to find the reasoning about the reviewers decision to give a 3 star review, and you're just going to get more information.

3 star reviews aren't necessarily a bad thing either. Just because you're getting a 3 star review doesn't mean that your book is awful or that we think you're a horrible author. A lot of times it's just something that happens in the book that just pushes it back a little further. It could really be any number of things. But the number one thing is that it doesn't always mean something bad.

-Amber R.

Readers Opinions
How does a 3 star affect me?  Truthfully, it does not affect me unless the review was crystal clear by citing examples and statements about why they gave the rating.  Even then, that only tells me how the book affected the reviewer not how it will affect me.  I do not rely on reviews as much as my own gut opinion about my tastes. To me a reviewer only helps me narrow down what priority I will place on the book.  It is for me to decide whether I spend my money on the book or not. I like reading blog and site reviews for telling me what they think the book was about, what they thought its strengths and weaknesses were, and how they felt after reading it (particularly how they felt about the book afterwards).  When I see 3 stars, it only means that the reviewer either isn't sure what they think of the book because its all over the place or that the book really is just a mediocre read- could have been better; could have been worse.

If Awesomesauce gave the 3 stars?  The only difference in what I said in the above answer is that Awesomesauce tends to review books in the genres/subgenres that I too, enjoy.  I have learned by familiarity of regular reading of reviews the bloggers review style when a book truly grabbed them and when it did not even when the review itself is devoid of negative opinion.

Furthermore, I like the professional way the Ambers go about reviewing books that did not quite grab them: its always about the book and not the author, any statement whether positive or negative gives a clear reason/example to explain the statement.  And if its just a personal preference (like I hate love triangles so this is about me and not the book), that is said too.  I do not feel that Awesomesauce 'sharpens its wit' to drum up a few laughs at the expense of the book or author.
-Sophia Rose

 When I see a three star rating I kind of think that people don't think it's worth writing home about. When I look to see which book I want to read next I look at the star rating. If I see a 3 I automatically think wow people didn't like it, but they didn't hate it. Pretty much it didn't leave an impression. I then think do I want to read a book that doesn't wow people? I will read a 3 star book if I have already read the first in a series and liked it. But honestly 3 stars doesn't impress me!

We would love your opinions as well.. So what do 3 stars mean to you? And if you read our reviews how do you feel when we rate a book with 3 stars?


  1. 3 stars for me is kind-of an average rating, it wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. 3 stars doesn't stop me from reading a book but it does make me think that I should do a little more research on reviews before making a final decision about buying/reading it.

  2. I consider anything above a 3 a total readable book! I mean often the difference between a 3 and a 4 is the reader's personal experience that they bring to the book. AKA--I am not much of a YA reader---I enjoyed Divergent and gave it a 3.5. Compared to the gushing 5's is it an outstanding rating? probably not but it means I enjoyed reading it. YA isn't my favorite, they hardly ever get above 3s and that is just because of me of the reader!

  3. I agree with Jet, a 3 star rating to me means the book was still good, but you know, just average.There was really anything about it that made it a 4 or 5. Myself as reader, I believe that you should research/look into a book before reading it. What you may or may not prefer...someone else may.

  4. Jet makes a perfect point. Do some more research, check out some other reviews. The Amber who mentioned "personal" makes a very valid point. I always try to be specific with this did not work for me. We all have different likes and dislikes.

  5. yep, yep to all... reviews are personal, what works for me might not work for another person and so on... and, I appreciate Sophia's comment about "sharpening the wit" I like personality in my reviews, but that doesn't have to be an overly snarky review

  6. I agree!!! If you look at reviews to decide if you are going to read a book or not you really need to do some research.

  7. I agree. On my rating scale a 3 Star book is GOOD. I use it when I'm feeling neutral about the book. I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either. 3 is still an enjoyable read, it just didn't knock my socks off.

  8. I am so glad to see this topic discussed and I look forward to seeing what the authors say about it. IMHO- getting a 3 star is not a bad thing.


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