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Thursday, February 23, 2012

I think the title pretty much speaks for itself. But if you want to know, this post will feature some of our favorite bloggers and we will get to know more about them. They pick 5 categories out of many and pick their top 5 answers.

Today's Blogger's Being Featured are:

Cimmaron & Braine 

About Talk Supe: We're cousins who share a passion for reading, especially if the novel has vampires, werewolves, fae, sorcery or anything paranormal. We would constantly text each other back and forth to talk about the current books we were reading. Then one day we asked ourselves, "Why don't we start a blog and write about the books we read?" We honestly did not have a lot of expectations with Talk Supe. We just figured we could express our thoughts and feelings about the books we read and hopefully some folks would find it useful or entertaining. Through blogging we've been able to discover book series and author's we may have not discovered on our own. It's so great to see hundreds or even thousands of people feel so passionate about reading, especially paranormal or urban fantasy. Before blogging it felt like not so many people understood our obsession about were, vamps, and fae. Now we know that we aren't alone!!


1. Book to Movie Adaptations
  • Interview with the Vampire
  • The Notebook
  • Harry Potter movies
  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  • Millenium Trilogy (Swedish version since the Hollywood is just starting)

2. Book Crushes:
  • Jericho Barrons Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning
  • V'Lane/Cruce Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning
  • Butch O'Neal Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward
  • Clayton Westmoreland Duke of Claymore, Whitney My Love by Judith McNaught
  • Matthew Farrel, Paradise by Judith McNaught

3. Books I want to re-read: I rarely re-read books but if I were to, it'll be these
  • The Alchemist Paolo Coelho
  • 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • Abovementioned Judith McNaught Books
  • Harry Potter Series
  • Memnoch the Devil Anne Rice

4. Books I don't get what the hype is all about (not exactly 5 but the books totals 7 lol)
  • Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer - sorry but I just don't get what the sparkle is all about. I love Jacob & Co. though
  • Fallen Series by Lauren Kate - Twilight is enough, the world doesn't need another indecisive female, it looks bad for us ladies.

5. Books that made me cry
  • Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  • Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling
  • The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho
  • The Notebook by Nicolas Sparks
  • Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom


1. Book Crushes

  • Jericho Barrons - Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning
  • Wrath - Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward
  • Eric Northman - Southern Vampire Series (True Blood) by Charlaine Harris
  • Zsadist - Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward
  • Joe Morelli - Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich

2. Writer/Authors I'd Love to Meet
  • Gail Carriger
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Karen Marie Moning
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Ernest Hemingway

3. Fave Book to Movie Adaptations
  • Harry Potter Films
  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  • American Psycho
  • Shawshank Redemption
  • Gone with the Wind

4. Favorite Childhood Book Series
  • Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling (OK…I was already 18 when I started reading these but those were my younger days)
  • Sweet Valley High by Francise Pascal (They were called teen books back then instead of YA…HAHA)
  • Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish 
  • Ramona the Brave by Beverly Cleary
  • The Babysitters Club by Ann M. Martin 
  • The Berenstain Bears by Stan and Jan Berenstain

5. Five Facts About Me
  • Live in Washington State
  • Shopaholic
  • Loves Hello Kitty 
  • I've actually been to Forks, Washington a.k.a Home of Edward & Bella more than once. Yes, it's a real place and no I did not run into any of the vampires from the Olympic Peninsula coven. Although while we were in La Push I was hoping to run into one of the guys from the wolf pack. 
  • The plutonium used for the atomic bomb dropped in Japan during WWII was made at nuclear site I work at.

Thank you so much ladies!! I will save my comments for the comments!! And hey if you like their answers why not hop over to their blog and follow them. You can also find Talk Supe around at:

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If you want to be featured just send me an email!


  1. I love the movie,Gone With the Wind as well. I haven't read the original book but it is high op my list! And I love Hunger Games as well. Can't wait for the movie! :-D

  2. Braine- I totally agree with the books with too much hype. I am sad I fell for Twilight at first but quickly moved on. But the Fallen series I really do not get. I read the first book and gave up.

    Cimmaron- I love the Berenstain bear books. I really need to get some copied for my kids. I use to love them!! :)

  3. Thanks Ambers for the feature! I always maintain that JACOB BLACK and his pack are the only saving grace of that series. I always wonder what Bram Stoker would say about these sparkling vampires. Would he say SMeyer bastardized Dracula and his minions? LOL

  4. Fun to meet and greet with a new to me blog team. I have to say that I had a lot of the same answers to the questions.


  5. Thanks again Ambers! I look forward to getting to know other bloggers on this hop.

    Jane: Gone with the Wind is one of my all-time favorite movies. I watch it at least 5 times a year and the book is just as great.

    Amber I: Love that family of bears. I really regret that my mom got rid of all of those books. Sometimes I get the urge to buy the whole collection again.


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