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Saturday, February 11, 2012
This time on my little Author Feature thingy I am featuring Patricia Briggs. I seriously LOVE her Mercy Thompson series and I am proud I finally got Amber R. to start this series. Mercy is an amazing heroine, she is tough a mechanic and her "supernatural" ability is really one of a kind. This series also has werewolves, vampires, fairys, witches and lots more. Its an awesome Urban Fantasy series with lots of awesome characters, from the sexy Alpha Adam, Mercy friend vampire Stephan who has a Mystery Machine (you know from Scooby Doo) her friend Warren and his boyfriend also her fairy boss, Sam too. lol There are lots of likeable characters in this series. Its a MUST READ for any Urban Fantasy Lover!!

Here are the books in this series in order.

Mercy Thompson Series

cover art

Moon Called

cover art

Blood Bound

cover art

Iron Kissed

cover image

Bone Crossed

cover image

Silver Borne

cover image

River Marked

And there is also a spin off! Which is just as awesome. Alpha and Omega series. I love this spin off. It has a little more romance and it involves werewolf's. Its also a must read.

Alpha and Omega Series

cover art

On The Prowl

cover art

Cry Wolf

cover image

Hunting Ground

cover image

Fair Game (Alpha and Omega #3)

If you haven't yet, then you better check out this books. I love them!! If you are looking for a new paranormal world, kick ass heroine and a sexy alpha male along with lots and lots of other awesomesauce characters then you have found a perfect series.

For more info on the books and to read excerpts go to this link
 She also has more books published but I have not read them yet. They are listed on the link.

Patty is a prevarication professional. She lies for a living, telling whoppers and fibs so outrageous that people pay her to fib some more. Her only concession to honesty is that she tells people she's lying to them. And that is what separates a fiction author from a politician.
Patty was born in Butte, Montana, back in 1965. If you're good at math, you'll have deduced that she's currently twenty-nine. In fact, she's been twenty-nine for a while and has no intention of getting any older. Fiction authors don't obey the laws of space and time, they invent them. Don't argue, or she'll make up a dragon right behind you . . .
Patty writes writes traditional and urban fantasy, mostly novels. In her stories, there really ARE things that go bump in the night, magic is real, and sometimes the good guys actually win.
Her first book, Masques, was published back in 1993, and she's produced roughly one book each year since then. She loves to play with her imaginary friends, and meeting with readers who know her imaginary friends is a treat. Her biggest complaint with writing is that she has far more ideas for stories than time to write them.


  1. I love these books and I'm so glad that I finally started reading them.

  2. I am glad too. I will never force you to read a bad book, so just listen to

  3. I am so glad to see Patricia's books featured here. Mercy was my intro to urban fantasy and I love, love the books and the Charles and Anna books. I've read a couple of her old high fantasies too and they are well written too. Looking forward to the new Charles and Anna.

  4. Love that you're showing some love to Patricia. I'm really looking forward to meeting her in a few weeks.

    1. I am so so so so JEALOUS!!! I love her! I would love to meet her. tell her I said


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