Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Thanks again to everyone who joined in the fun the authors who donated and for those who spread the word!! You all are awesome! I wish everyone could win a prize but obviously that is not possible. Here are the lucky winner!!


Craved ebook and Swag- 
  • Braine

Fire Burn Cauldron Bubble/Toil and Trouble-
  • marian


Changeling Dawn and Swag- 
  • Jolene and Family

Dirty Blood and Cold Blood-
  • Braine
Across the Galaxy-
  • Brenda demko

Pack Mistress 1 and 2-
  • Melissa or Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf
  • Nay Nay

Blood of the Demon-
  • Naj
Princess of Hell Trilogy-
    • Ilona

    Greek Myth Giveaway Winners

    Dark Descendant- 
    • Chris Bails

     Darkness Becomes Her-
    • Gi-Gi (

      The Goddess Test
      • Autumn

      • Primrose

      To Kill a Warlock/A Tale of Two Goblins-
      • IdentitySeeker


      • Anna Dase


      For Love of an Angel-
      • Denise Z.

      • Tanyaw1224


      Supernaturally Kissed-
      • Heidi

      All 4 Experiment in Terror Books-
      • BookAttict


      Adrian Phoenix Book-
      • Autum B
      • Jet

      Real Vampires Have Curves-
      Sophia Rose

      VRG 1
      • Helen
      • Rebe

      VRG 2
      • Naj
      • Suzan L. 


      And thats it. At least I really really hope I did not miss anything.All winners were picked by using Everyone should have got an email if you won and you should all be getting your books and or swag real soon. Again thanks everyone for all your comments and for stopping by here. 


        1. Thanks so much and congrats on the successful 1 year Blogiversary, hopefully plenty more years to come :)

        2. Yaaay! Thank you so much ladies! <3 I'm looking forward to your upcoming reviews and features.

        3. Yay! The Ambers are way awesome!

        4. Thanks for choosing me. Can't wait to read Dark Descandant.

        5. Thanks everyone!! I am glad so many of you won. Some of your books are coming from authors and you should get them soon. Everyone has been contacted and wrote me back so I know they got it. I know that all the ebooks and swag have been sent that we were in charge of sending. Hopefully everyone loves their books. And don't worry we have lots more giveaways coming up so if you did not win then just wait.

        6. Thank you guys so much for all of your incredible generosity and sharing. Looking forward to another year of good books and fun! Congratulations to all the winners! Enjoy!

        7. Congrats to the winner ( Lucky Braine^^;;)

          thanks you again for this event

        8. Congrats to all the other winners and thank you Ambers and authors so much for the blogoversary giveaway opportunity.

        9. Thanks again for the awesome giveaway ladies.


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