Pack Mistress #2

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pack Mistress #2 (Quick 'n' Dirty Erotic Paranormal Romance) 

by Evelyn Lafont 
Review By Amber I. And Amber R.
All werewolf packs need a sexual outlet. For south Florida’s Red Wolf pack, the sexy, liberated and infertile werewolf Lorena is it.

Not your average Were, Lorena satisfies the males like no other wolf can. But as much as she enjoys her role as pack mistress, she longs for something she’s never had. A mate she can call her own…


The Pack Mistress is a serialized novel. Each book in the series is a 30-page continuation of the story. Future additions will be released every other month during 2012. This book contains adult language and situations, including material that could make some uncomfortable, such as multiple partners and consensual rape.

Amber I's Thoughts

Even though these books are quickies they are still awesomesauce!! Pack Mistress 2 gets us a little more involved in the pack. We meet some new characters like the Alphas not so nice wife and a mail man with quite a naughty fetish! Plus our old characters who we are dying to know more about, like this R.W! He supplies us with some crazy new info which only adds to his bad boy/mystery man hotness!! Then there is the Alpha who to me is acting kinda strange and making me wonder what is going on with him. 

See, I told you lots going on in this short story. Oh did I mention some mind blowing sex scenes where in the mix too?? I will be eagerly anticipating the next book!! I am hooked!

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Amber R's Thoughts

The only bad thing about these  books is that they leave me wanting so much more. These books are too short Evelyn, I need more and now.

Lorena is getting back into her painting since working in the gallery. Jack, the alpha's wife pays Lorena a visit one day and offers her some not so nice advice. Jack is acting strange and we're not really sure why. R.W is still as sexy and mysterious as ever. Also someone is still harassing Lorena but we're not sure who. Maybe it's bitchface alpha wife? Who knows? Either way these are awesome and you guys are definitely going to want to check it out.


  1. Releasing 30pp at a time? That seems so odd to me. Its like when they used to sell the serial stories over a hundred years ago. No wonder you are eager for the next release. (-;

    Thanks for the share!

  2. Sounds like a great book. I have to check it out!


  3. Sounds good, I'm right into wolves at the moment. Another book for 2012!!

  4. I recently got Pack Mistress and have not yet gotten the courage to read it LOL Thanks for sharing about the fun and it will definitely have to move up the TBR :)


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