Newbie Covers

Friday, January 20, 2012
Spotted some new covers and thought I would share them with you.

First Cover was on CC Hunter's Blog. Its the 4th book in her Shadow Falls series. 

Isn't it pretty??
Other Covers from this series
taken at duskborn at midnightawake at dawn

Another Cover is Coveted by Stephanie Nelson, its the 3rd book in her Gwen Spark series.

Other covers in that series:

Last but not least Endure by Carrie Jones

Other covers from the Need series

Well that is it for now. Of coarse I have seen more newbie covers but I have also seen them posted around so I won't bore 


  1. C.C.'s covers are always awesome! :D They're so pretty. Need series has pretty covers! Too bad the books aren't as good as the covers. :( Thanks for this! <3

  2. Nice! Posted C.C.'s cover myself earlier this week! So can't wait to read that one! And of course Awake at Dawn!

  3. I am just awed by that first trio of covers. Gorgeous! I love how the first cover is shot through the wrought-iron fence.


  4. Some lovely covers I like the Need cover the best. I love your new button. I will get it on my blog!

  5. I love CC Hunters book covers. They're so pretty! And thanks Heidi. I like it a lot better. Its my old header actually.

  6. I thought they were all great covers.


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