The Amber Feature:

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Amber Feature is a weekly rant done by both Amber's about something bookish!

This Week We Will Talk About Why We Are Book Soul mates!!!

Amber I- I love that I have Amber R. with me now. I can always recommend a book to her (or make her read one) and she always will and she always loves it. Plus I can always count on her to listen to me when I ramble on about books.. 

Amber R.- Aww. I love being here. I was just saying the other day that working on this website with Amber has been the highlight of my year. She's the yin to my yang in a lot of things, including writing reviews. It's fun to talk back and forth about all of the different books we read and no one knows what the heckles we're talking about.

Amber I- And talking about fictional men we want to see naked! That is FUN I love too how when we both review a book whatever I miss talking about she somehow picks up, they totally compliment each other. 

Amber R.- Like I said, yin to my yang. We really do pick up the missing pieces in each other reviews. Talking book porn is my favorite. If there was such a thing of having too much fun, we'd be having it. I love getting ARC's before everyone else, sorry guys. haha.

Amber I- She is also always there to talk me out of asking an author why the skipped me. I have a few authors that always send us ARCS and they share the first reviews, but somehow each time they skip me when mentioning reviews or posting on their site. I mean the last time the author shared the first review (I was 2nd) then the 3rd 4th and 5th. But not mine. So I took it personally (this has happened quite a lot with a few authors) so I am always going to Amber R. and asking whats wrong with my reviews?? Why do they skip me? And she is always there with nice encouraging words and always talks me out of (except for once) of not emailing the author and asking why.. She is my rock in these situations because no one else would know why I was upset.

Amber R.- Aww. I don't know why they skip her reviews because we all know they are awesomesauce. Either way I'm glad to be there for her and I'm glad to help. I like how we always come up with new stuff to do. I think it's super fun, all of the stuff that we do. Amber and I always seem to bounce ideas of off each other and they keep getting better and better. We come up with good ideas on our own but it's so much better together.

Amber I- And we often fight about who our book boyfriend is. We had to do a thing where she picked one then I picked one until we got 5. We did not want to share. We have problems. She totally is just like me being way obsessive over books and the characters in it. We take our books serious. We text each other daily about what we are reading and what is going on in our book world. It is so fun to have someone exactly like you!!

Amber R- Exactly! We are constantly doing all of this. And we always agree when there is a love triangle who the girl should have picked and it's usually the other guy. That's why we had to fight over our book boyfriends because she was trying to steal mine! Yeah, we totally have problems.

Amber I.- Lets just be clear she is trying to steal mine!!! I mean most of the her book boyfriends come from books I read first. So BA BAM!lol Oh and she should get on board with WEREWOLVES are HOTTER then vampires. lol. This is our only argument. hahaha I think we will fight this until the day we die.

Amber R.- Okay maybe Amber recommends good books. But just because she read them first does not mean anything. And the whole vampire/werewolf debate is old news. Vampires will always win. They are so hot and sophisticated and almost always rich. Werewolves are hairy beasts. We always love the same books. Sometimes it takes me a while to get on board with the series she recommends but when I do it's amazing.

Amber I.- We so will not get into the werewolf vs. vamps right now. We will save that for another Amber Feature!! We did this once on facebook and I think it was a 60 comment convo. Anyways we totally complete each other when it comes to books. We have book movie date nights and always agree on the guy we want to win in  a book. I mean seriously we agree on everything in books, who the girl should pick and who we should hit and what man we want to get naked!! So Amber R. You are Totally my BOOK-SOULMATE!!!!! Or Book Bitch, whatever!!!! lol

Amber R- Book Pimp for life!

And this completes the Amber Feature!! Hope You Enjoyed! 


  1. I love reading the 'shuck and jive' between the two of you. I was laughing so hard. There's a lot of love on this blog right now until you mention a guy or para-critter. Plenty of those yummy men to go around ladies. (-;

    Wishing you well in your reviews and that they take top dog with the authors this year.

  2. We totally have problems I think we are so much the same that we tend to like the same characters and its fun to fight over them. And thanks for your wonderful comments.


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