Pack Mistress (Early Review)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pack Mistress (Pack Mistress #1)


Expected publication: December 15th 2011 
Review by Amber I. and Amber R.

All werewolf packs need a sexual outlet and for the Red Wolf pack of southern Florida, the sexy, liberated and infertile werewolf Lorena is it.

Unable to shift and relegated to submissive sex worker, she finds an unexpected power in the way the males of her pack are irresistibly attracted to her. But while she enjoys her role in the pack, she longs for the emotional depth that a "normal" relationship might bring.

When she decides to nurture the budding artist inside her by taking a job at a local gallery she meets a mysterious and savage painter who happens to be a werewolf from another pack and a completely off-limits male that shouldn't interest her...but does.


The Pack Mistress series is a collection of 30-page, explicit paranormal romance shorts that follow the story of Pack Mistress Lorena. One story will be released every other month during 2012.

 A Note From Evelyn:
I'm moving up the release date on this one to 12/15. It will be available on Amazon and my website only (on my site it'll be available in multiple formats). It'll be $0.99 or FREE for Hussy List subscribers (details on my website). Book 2 will be out 12/20. The rest will be released once every other month in 2012 (beginning in February)

Evelyn Lafont you are such a tease. 
This story just went by too fast and I want the rest of it now!

This very short intro has so much promise for the books to come. I mean we all know I am a book pornaholic and this mini series seems to have a promise of just that. Lorena being the pack mistress her main job is to satisfy all the werewolves in her pack. Even the married ones. She is infertile and she can not have a mate because of that. So already we know we are in for a good smut-filled ride! One women and lots of strong sexy men to satisfy, whats not to love?!

In walks a mysterious were from another pack. Against her better judgement she is instantly attracted to him. But he seems to be off limits. And he seems all the more yummy for

We end on a cliffhanger with the a cryptic phone call and I am eagerly anticipating the next part of this story! Like I said Evelyn you are a tease!!

This was such a great short intro! I loved this and by the end I was left wanting for more. I am not very patient. 

Lorena is an infertile wolf. She's the pack mistress for a pack in Florida that she was sent to when she was younger. She is a super strong, sexy woman who "services" all the men in her pack. This is a super steamy book, even if it's short. Although Lorena loves taking care of her men she wants something to do in her downtime. So she picks up a side job working in an art gallery. She comes into contact with a wolf from another pack that stirs her interest and he definitely confuses her. 

I have no idea where this is going but I'm super excited to see. I can't wait for the next installment. Awesome short stories like these are super awesome. I didn't used to like them but Evelyn has proven me wrong.


  1. Thanks for sharing about this treat of a shorty! I will have to go over and check it out. The premise sounds like it adds a little something different :)

  2. Hmmm- I know this book speaks of fun having a pack to herself, but all I could think was poor thing- infertile, no chance of a long term relationship.
    I hope the mysterious artistic wolf is there to change that.

    Thanks for sharing this new to me author and your reviews.


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