On the fifth day after Christmas, AwesomeSauce Book Club gave to me

Friday, December 30, 2011

Welcome to AwesomeSauce Book Club 1 Year Blogiversary Giveaway Event! There will be 7 days of Giveaways with over 30+ books or ebooks. Each giveaway is broke down in categories. You can enter every giveaway. Just watch for rules. There are some 18 and Older Giveaways and there are some US only books. Not many but a few. We are trying to make this simple so the only thing we are asking you to do is follow our blog. We would love for you to share it anywhere you want or to grab our badge and put it on your blog but we will not ask you to do this to enter. This is a no point giveaway. Thanks to everyone for an awesome blogging year! Each Giveaway ends Jan. 8th 2012!

About Angels:

Most angels are fallen. They were good little boys and girls and then something naughty happened and they were forced either to hell or earth. Now this all varies depending on what book you're reading of course. I've read some books where they are fallen and they are just nasty creatures. They run all around Earth, being all hot, and just doing whatever they want regardless of consequence. I've also read some books where they are on Earth and they are trying to do good to rectify what they've done. So, we've got good angels and bad angels. Either way, they're always hot and we always get a good story from them. Of course, we have some awesome giveaways going on today for our angel category. Make sure you enter and tell all of your reader friends so they can get in on this awesome giveaway too!

What's Up For Grabs?

For Love of An Angel by Rosalie Lario
(click picture for book info)
Open International
18 and Older
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2nd Giveaway

(Now remember even if you do not own a kindle you can use the kindle app. on computer for free)

Unearthly By Cynthia Hand
(Click on pic. for book info)
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Open International

Hope you are finding lots of books you love!  And don't forget to check out the other giveaways!


  1. You guys are the bomb!!!!that is rocking my world today :) Thank you for sharing the joy and fun.

  2. Thanks for the giveaway & have a Happy New Year!

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  3. Does anyone else want to.. uhh.. do something naughty with an angel? Or is that just me?

  4. Amber you have to read the Rosalie Larios books. Her angels are just sexy! I love them..

  5. Thanks a lot for the giveaway!


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