The Amber Feature: Ranting About Teams

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Amber Feature is when Amber and I rant or ramble or something about something we love or hate or adore. Today's rant is going to be about the whole "Team" phenomenon. Team Edward.. Team Jacob, Team Jace.. Team Simon, Team Jem..Team Will.. We both have some very specific feelings about it. So here we go. 

Amber R's Points
  •  Team Edward, Team Jacob is irrelevant. Although Jacob had these crazy thoughts about Bella, everyone could see that no matter what, Edward was going to be her choice. I felt like starting here because this whole "Team" business started here and has spread like wild fire. 
  • The only time there even needs to be a "Team" situation is when there's some kind of competition going on. Otherwise there is no reason for "Team" anyone. It's annoying. Besides the only time that teams really come into play is when there are love triangles. 
  • Which brings me to my next point. Do we really need love triangles in every book? Okay, so every might be an exaggeration but really. It's completely unnecessary. Frankly, I'm sick of it. There can be one guy and one girl and that's it. It's done successfully in several books.. Night Huntress, Morganville Vamp.. etc. I understand that the whole love triangle thing brings the drama and intensity but can't we get that somewhere else? There can be some friend drama, bad guy drama, fight scene drama, spy drama.. why do we always have to have the love triangle drama? It's so frustrating. Especially when the author doesn't do what I want them to do. Then I have to spend days and weeks ruminating with my good friend Amber and complaining. "Why, oh why didn't she pick our guy? Why did she have to pick him? I hate him! I can never read another book in my life!" You get my point. These conversations really happen. Trust me.
These were my main points. I'm sure Amber will cover anything I forgot. I'm curious to find out if you guys agree with us or not. 

 Amber I's P.O.V

Thanks for stealing all my  

Anyways I agree with all the above. I see the word Team so and so way to often, and a lot of times its totally not even necessary. I think the only time it can work is if they are rivals too. When you have two people in love with the same girl but those two people are affectionate of each other and respect the girls decision then it just seems wrong.

EX. Team Will vs Team Jem. These two guys are like brothers and for everyone to try and put them against each other seems dumb. There is no winner here really. Why would you want to see either of them hurt. They love each other and Tessa and its not right to try and make a battle out of it. 

Another thing too sometimes when people  do the team thing the person they are routing for has NO CHANCE at all at winning the girl, so why bother? 

EX. Team Eric vs Team Bill, I mean come on people.. really?? Why even bother with this one!

And even if there is a love triangle and you like one better why use the term TEAM? It is just getting way over played. Its only useful in competitions like the heroine tourney when you are voting for someone. I just hate seeing it in every YA book people teaming up. Its getting played out.


Okay I get it, they spice up a story.. But for almost every YA book to have one is getting old. If your story is so bland without one then you need to work on your I am just getting so annoyed with them.I can name tons of YA books with love triangles

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
The Iron Fey By Julie Kagawa
The Infernal Device by Cassandra Clare
Unearthly by Cynthia Hand
Shade series by Jeri Smith Ready

This was just glancing at my bookshelf real quick. What are some YA books with NO love triangles

Morganville Vampires
Harry Potter

Obviously I do not have them all but its a lot harder to think of books with no love triangles, and that annoys me! 

What are your thoughts on TEAMS and 

Are me and Amber really the only insane people out there that get so bent out of shape about these things? 


  1. Hey leave my Team Eric alone LOL, just kidding - can't help it there I love Eric but other than that I have to agree somewhat.

    I in fact mentioned it in one of my recent reviews. I do believe some are getting old but one I read recently was done in such a way I didn't mind it so much.

    Sometimes as well I can over look it if its not thrown at you the whole time, I hope you know what I am saying there.

  2. Oh I love Eric, I just meant how could anyone be Team Bill!!!lol

  3. I just think people are Teaming Up too much and thats what a lot of books are about now Team him or Team him. Its just annoying me a

  4. I came late to the YA genre meaning that I have not read as many of these books as you have, but I had to smile at your peeve with the 'teams' and 'triangles'. And just to be alliterative, might I add the 'trilogies' which are becoming a third peeve with me.

    I share your opinion about the 'team' to a certain extent, but I also just accept that this is the new name people have slapped on the age-old literary debates of 'he is my fav so he must be the best choice or this book/writer is my fav so they are the best of the genre. We all do it whether we call it a 'team' or not. Investing our feelings in the outcome of a story is what makes a book abso-fab to us.
    Btw, I am team Bill (just kidding, I had to say that).

    As to the short no 'triangles', I submit the Wolves of Mercy Falls Series to your short list and I think 'Obsidian' will fall into that category too maybe. But you're right it is difficult to find a 'triangle-less' book/series.

    Love the discussion. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  5. Thank you ladies. I agree with you. I hate the love triangle thing. The only one that I like is Clockwork Prince. I always end up liking the wrong guy and they just suck. I think they need to go away. I said in of my reviews the other day "They have pulverized the dead horse.." make them go away!

  6. I guess I get so upset with Love triangles because my guy never And I know saying team whoever just shows your support but I am just so sick of having 2 options especially because like I said my guy hardly ever

    Thanks so much for your input. I agree with all of you. I just took like a 2 month break from YA and then read a few of them and 2 out 3 made me want to scream with the Teams and the love triangle. I get too involved, I know.

  7. I agree. I'm getting tired of love triangles too. I usually just find it in YA, so I switch back and forth. Even in The Iron Fey knew that Meghan would always pick Ash so there was no contest. I loved both Puck and teams were needed. I was about to start the Wolfsbane series and I saw somewhere that it's a love triangle too, so I keep putting it off. I need a break from those. thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh Tanya I read Nightshade and the love triangle was there from the first chapter and it totally irritated me. Because she was not going for the guy I wanted. It irritated me so much I haven't been able to pick up Wolfsbane yet. I think I need to see what happens in the 3rd book to know if I can read it. I am just sick of always getting my heart broken.

    And I totally agree on the Ash and Puck thing. I mean Puck was just a friend. There really was never a doubt who she would pick, so the team thing was unnecessary.


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