1 Year Blogiversary Starts Tomorrow

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tomorrow Starts our 1 Year Blogiversary Giveaway Bash! We will be counting down to the new year and giving away lots and lots of books (and swag too) We have over 30 books to giveaway in just 8 days!! So come back tomorrow for some awesome giveaways!

So I thought I would share some interesting stats!

Published Posts:677
Comments: 4390 (as of 12/18)
Giveaways: 70
Most Labeled Author on Blog: Stacey Kennedy (53)
Weirdest thing someone searched in google and came to our blog: I know where you live Amber (isn't that weird!)
Books Reviewed: 206 (at least that is how many got labeled)

AwesomeSauce Firsts

Author Interview- H.P Mallory
Blogger Interview- Liddy @ YA Reviewz
Author to Request I read their Book- Stacey Kennedy
First ARC requested that we got- Sirensong By Jenna Black
First Book Review on Blog- Alpha by Rachel Vincent 
First Giveaway- Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead 
First Time A Review of Ours showed up in a printed book: Awake at Dawn by CC Hunter (for my review of Born at Midnight)
First Comment on one of my reviews: Naj from Unputdownable Books. She commented on Clockwork Angel and it was my 10th review I posted.  I actually had 2 comments before on reviews but neither of those 2 seem to be blogging so I went with the 3rd comment. Thanks Naj!! I can't believe I didn't give up from lack of comments..lol

Most Comments

Most Commented Reader Behind the Author(No Giveaway): Rosalie Lario (19)
Most Commented Reader Behind the Author (With Giveaway) Dani Harper (73)
Most Commented Reader/Blogger Interview:
GraveTells (14)
Most Commented on Review (Without a Giveaway)
Destiny Kills by Keri Arthur (10)
This Side of the Grave by Jeaniene Frost (10)
Most Commented on Giveaway:
Gratitude Hop Giveaway: Swag Edition (187)

Thanks everyone such a fun fun year!! We have had so much fun doing this and have met so many awesome people who love reading just as much as we do! Hope you enjoy all the giveaways coming up over the next 8 days!


  1. Happy Blogoversary, gals! :) *throws confetti* What a great date you've chosen to start blogging!

  2. congrats on a year of blogging. I hope you are enjoying it as much now as when you started.

  3. Squeee! Congrats Amber(s)! :D I love this blog straight from the moment I saw it! xDD <3 I'm glad to have been one of your first commentors. Thank YOU for posting some aweeesome stuff! Looking forward to joining you on your next following years. <3

  4. Happy blogoversary

    i hope at least part of this event will be open to international^^

    i really love your blog

    Merry Christmas

  5. That is weird..."I know where you live" kind of creepy. It's crazy when you look back and see what all you've done over the year. I look forward to all your giveaway's. Today is my b-day so not sure what's in store, but I'll definitely try and check your blog and see all the goodies. Have a great Christmas or holiday.

  6. Thanks everyone!! And of coarse the giveaways will be open international I try never to have shipping limitations, its only sometimes that happens.

    I think each day has at least 3 books some have a lot more.

    Happy Birthday Tanya!

    And Naj, you are one of the bloggers who have been here since the start. I think we started at the same time so it was fun getting to learn everything together!!

    Happy Holidays everyone!!

  7. What a lot of wonderful achievements and milestones! Congrats!

  8. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Awesome idea with sharing the stats. Their super interesting =D


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