YA Heroine Tournament

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Claire made it to the tournament!! I will be her advocate and will try and get her as far as I can. Obviously I will need your help. She is going against Hermione on December 5th. If you have any ideas on what to make her a winning case please leave a comment. Here are some things to think about....

1. About Her

(This is where you describe your heroine—physical description, personality, the world she lives in—tell us what we need to know to love her, considering some people might not have read the book she is from). 

2. Best Attributes

(YA Lit is filled with female characters. What makes your girl stand out? Heroines aren’t cookie cutter replicas of each other—they should bring something unique to the game)

3. What makes your girl a true heroine?

(“Heroine” means different things to many people. We see a heroine as someone readers are inspired by. She faces the world head on—whether it’s a world of demons, vampires, or high school snobs. This is the place to tell us what Heroine means to you, and why your girl best represents the word).

If you haven't read this series, well you should. But Claire it perfect for the nomination. 
She is super smart was accepted in to College at 16!
She lands herself in a mess with vampires but even though she is just a normal human she somehow always manages to kick some ass. She never backs down and will always go out of her way to help her friends. She is one of the toughest girls out there! Not in physical strength but with determination! She is clever and even most vampires respect her. She has saved the citizens and vamps in Morganville time and time again.She has a great sense of humor especially considering her life or a life of someone she loves is always in danger. She is kind even to people who don't deserve it. She puts her life on the line all the time to save people.  She also managed to tame the bad boy Shane.

Every round she wins I will add a Morganville Book for a giveaway!


  1. I have never read the Morganville series :( You seem adamant about Claire ;) lol I'll have to check her out. I do like Hermoine though. I don't know who I'd pick but this sounds fun....

  2. Hi *waves* I'm new to the blog and just wanted to congratulate you on being chosen as an advocate! It seems you and I are up against each other in the first round!

    Yikes! I already feel the nerves kicking in! I'm nervous! I've never read the Morganville Vampire series but you do make her sound very interesting! That being said I wish you the best of luck in the tournament and I feel honored to just be an advocate!


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