Vote For Claire (Please)

Friday, November 18, 2011
Is taking nominations for your favorite Heroine in a YA Book. 
You can nominate up to 10 girls, if you have room left how about vote for 
Claire from Morganville Vampire series. The chance to nominate end November 24th and I would love for her to make it!!

If you haven't read this series, well you should. But Claire it perfect for the nomination. 
She is super smart was accepted in to College at 16!
She lands herself in a mess with vampires but even though she is just a normal human she somehow always manages to kick some ass. She never backs down and will always go out of her way to help her friends. She is one of the toughest girls out there! Not in physical strength but with determination! She is clever and even most vampires respect her. She has saved the citizens and vamps in Morganville time and time again.She has a great sense of humor especially considering her life or a life of someone she loves is always in danger. She is kind even to people who don't deserve it. She puts her life on the line all the time to save people.  She also managed to tame the bad boy Shane. She deserves the nomination.
Nominate HERE 

I will probably post this one more time before the close of the nominations, so if you voted for Claire let me know!! I would love to know someone is reading this!! Oh and Denise Z I totally know you already did, because you are awesomesauce!! And I appreciate it! 

Also if Claire makes it, I will do a Morganville Giveaway and for each round she wins, I will add another book!! :) Is that bribing? Maybe, but vote anyways!!


  1. You my dear are a hoot! I hopped right over this a.m. after reading the info on FB and have voted my little heart out. Thanks for sharing the fun:)

  2. Thank you so so much Denise!! You totally are awesome!! :)

  3. Out and out bribery may work with me simply because I do not read much in this genre.
    The only one that came to mind was Cassandra Clare's Clary so I helped you out just from default. (-;


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