Real Vampires Have Curves Review

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Real Vampires Have Curves (Glory St. Clair, #1)Real Vampires Have Curves (Glory St. Clair #1)

What-did you think all vamps were pale, thin and brooding? Don't I wish.

Gloriana St. Clair is an eternally "full-figured" vampire-she just happened to be bloating when a sexy Scotsman sank his teeth into her. She and said Scot- Angus Jeremiah Campbell III, aka Jeremy Blade-have been on and off again for centuries, currently off. A couple hundred years has taught them how to press each other's buttons-in good ways and bad.

Glory's headed for Austin and a new business venture: Vintage Vamp's Emporium. After all, she loves clothes, and she is an antique. Only problem is, there's a billionaire techno-freak vampire hunter on the loose. Blade's in total he- vampire mode, and wants Glory to move in with him so he can "protect" her. But it's time for this vamp to explore her own powers.

My Thoughts
I found out about this series from some of the lovely ladies on our Facebook page and I couldn't be more happy about it. This book was great and I can't wait to read more from this series. If you guys haven't read it yet, then you definitely need too. 

Glory is a vampire that's just trying to live her life. She's working and trying to figure out her love life. She just moved to Austin, Texas and she is starting a new business. Just your regular woman. Except for the fact that someone is trying to kill all the vampires in Austin, her on again, off again ex is trying to get her to do whatever he wants, there's a new bad boy vamp who is trying to get with her lovely lady lumps, and a whole mess of other stuff going on. 
I love Glory. She starts off uncertain about herself and her vampy powers but she quickly gains confidence. She's a great leading lady. She definitely holds her own, especially with all the macho men types that are all around her. Not only was she great but I loved all the supporting characters as well. You get to see a lot of them and some fun personalities. 

I'm hoping that Glory ends up with Blade. I can see why she gives him a hard time but really she should just give in. He's too hot not too! Lol. I know this is only the first book in the series I've read but I'm looking forward to the next books. If you haven't read them, like I said, you definitely should!

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  1. This is a series I enjoy immensely.
    I just love a book that though paranormal can make me laugh out loud.

  2. I saw the title of this book before and it caught my eye, but it was one of those 'need to rush' moments where I couldn't browse.

    Thanks for the review. This does sound good.

  3. This one sounds cute! I like the idea of a more "realistic" vampire...I suppose not everyone can turn into a model upon entering eternal life. Looks very fun.

  4. Such a cute series. I'm sure you ladies would love it.


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