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Saturday, November 12, 2011
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 A lot of times in books the girl has to choose between 2 guys, is there a book that you totally did not agree with her choice. Tell us who, and why. 
 Well, there’s Wuthering Heights and Twilight. In Wuthering Heights, Catherine chooses to marry Edgar instead of Heathcliff for pretty dumb reasons. And in Twilight, well, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to be in Team Edward or Team Jacob. But I hate Bella’s choice because she broke her best friend’s heart. Another thing, I would rather choose a werewolf over a vampire.

What is the last book you read that you totally fell in love with?
Last month, I read and reviewed a chick lit novel, “Confessions of a Call Center Gal” by Lisa Lim. I received the electronic copy for review by the author. I loved the book, partly because of the fact that the novel hero Mika resembled Zac Efron.

If you could meet an author alive or dead who would it be and what would you say?
I have always admired John Grisham and Nicholas Sparks. So, I would like to meet one of them and ask more about their real lives than their books.

If you could go on a girls night out with any 5 book characters who would you pick and why?
  • Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter Series– I like her because she believes in being herself, no matter how weird and crazy.
  • Madison Finn from The Files of Madison Finn –Although Madison’s a 12-year-old, she and I have some common habits.
  • Clair from The Time Traveler’s Wife – Well, just because she’s a time traveler’s wife.
  • Hermione from Harry Potter Series – She’s a witch, a bookworm like me, sort of a know-it-all.
  • Alice from Twilight – She can see future. For some unknown reasons, I like her better than Bella and Rosalie.

If you could pair up 2 characters from different books who would you pair up?
Jacob Blake from Twilight and Elena from The Vampire Diaries. I’m not good at match-making but tell me how does it sound?

What couple did you want to get it on, but they didn't.
Honestly speaking, I wanted Hermione to get on with Draco. I know that it does sound a terrible match because of all that “Mudblood” thing, but just imagine Draco could have changed the legacy of his family by picking a Mudblood.

You have to fight in an epic battle to save the world what 5 book characters are you picking to help you?
I would choose some strong an powerful characters matter they are heroes or villains. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Jacob Black, Alice Cullen, Tom Riddle.

Favorite Reading Spot?
In the balcony, on the stairs

 A love triangle you just hated?

 If you could change the events in any book what would you change?
Let Bella die in the first book. Then there wouldn’t be any love triangle left.

 This and That

 Favorite Social Network?
 Favorite Animal?
 Polar Bear
 Favorite TV Show?
 Avatar: The Last Air bender
 Master Chef Australia
 Favorite Color?
 Favorite Movie?
 The Time Traveler’s Wife, Harry Potter
 Favorite Food?
 Spaghetti, Pizza
 Day or Night?

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  1. What a fun interview! I have to honestly say I was startled by the Draco-Hermione thing, but I have seen heavier odds get together.

    And the kill off Bella to save the triangle? I think you have something there.

    Thanks for posting!

  2. You know I never thought about inviting Luna Lovegood on girls' night out - that would be awesome :)

  3. I agree with the Draco/Hermione match up...that would be such a great twist!!


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