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Friday, November 25, 2011

Francine’s loved Mitchell, a wolf like herself, since she first set eyes on him back when they were just kids. However, Mitchell’s never seen her as more than another annoying sister. Determined to make him realize she’s all grown up, she enlists the aide of Alejandro, a gorgeous cat shifter. She never counted on wanting them both.

Alejandro knows Francine is special from the first moment he meets the fiery plump wolf, which is why he suggests she use him to make Mitchell jealous. A great plan, especially if it means he gets to kiss those luscious lips. One taste, though, and he’s addicted, but how does he make her see past the man she loves to realize she’s also meant to be his mate?

For a long time now, Mitchell’s been avoiding Francine, his bratty sister’s friend. However, the little girl he remembers is all grown up, and when he sees her in the arms of another, a need to claim her overrides all his common sense. But, he’s waited too long and fate has decided that he’s going to have to share. Can he bend enough to accept Francine with her other man, or will his freakn’ jealousy send him running? 

Warning: Excessive amounts of heat may be generated when reading this story. Do not sit or stand near flammable objects unless they happen to be your partner. Please note, that while the heroes sustained injuries during the course of the story, Francine did eventually kiss them all better, naked of course. This is a ménage romance, with heavy emphasis on the romance. It does contain multi partner, sexual situations that some people may find titillating. Reader discretion is advised.

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You know how when a girl has two awesome men to choose from and even us as readers have such a hard time trying to decide who we like more? Well Eve Langlais loves us and doesn't make us make such a tough decision, she gives us them both!!!

Francine has known Mitchell was her mate since childhood, and has chased him since. But Mitchell refuses to see her as anything more then a "sister" since she is his sisters best friend. He starts going out of his way to avoid her. Then in walks Jag and he takes notice to Francine and this awakens Mitchell's jealous side.

I loved Jag and Francine together, he can definitely keep up with her banter. Jag realized she was special from the moment he met her and they both have this instant connection. He even goes out of his way to try and help her win Mitchell. I was almost like Mitchell who??  But knowing how much Francine loved Mitchell he still held that special spot with me. Mitchell finally sees what he is about to miss out on and comes to his senses, but now instead of getting her to himself he will have to share because Francine has met her other mate.

Its not an easy 3 some love story. Mitchell doesn't like sharing. Jag will do whatever to make Francine happy and once Mitchell sees how hard it is on her, he does what he can to make her happy! 

I loved Jealous and Freakn'! It was insanely hot, had such a sweet romance and there were a lot of things for the three of them to over come. Eve Langlais always knows how to deliver some awesome sexin! This story kept me glued to it and I finished it one sitting! Definitely book porn shelf-ability worthy!!

I have to admit, I'm not usually a huge fan of the threesome books. However, I completely have changed my mind thanks to Eve! Francine is a feisty woman with a wicked sense of humor. She is a "lusty", as she puts it, woman who is waiting for her mate to wake up and stop being so stubborn. Unfortunately she has to wait. He is super stubborn. Not too mention there is a new guy sniffing around Francine. 

Once that her mate, Mitchell, figures out that the new guy, Jag, is trying to win over Francine.. his jealousy is out of control. He doesn't like seeing Jag all over Francine. But it's already too late, Francine's wolf recognizes Jag as her mate too. So now that Mitchell's wolf is waking up and finally realizing that Francine is his mate, is it already too late? Of course not! Usually Amber and I complain when one guy doesn't get the girl but we don't have too this time. It's awesome!

I really loved this book. There were some super hooottt moments. I also liked seeing all of the characters from Delicate Freakn' Flower. I also liked the Mitchell didn't just fall right into the polyamorous lifestyle. This was a great book from Eve and she totally opened my eyes! 

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  1. I now have another Eve Langlais book that I want to read. Thank you for the giveaway.


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  5. After reading the warning at the bottom of the blerb how could I possibly not want to read this book! Sounds fantastic as usual for all eve Langlais' books.
    GFC - irgl7

  6. Her books are great! I'm not a big fan of threesomes either, but she's so funny and the heroes are always way hawt that I love her books. Thanks for the giveaway!


  7. I've got book one and have this on the TBR list.Eve's books are great.Thanks for the chance to win this.

  8. Great review, ladies!!! Sounds like a HOT read!! Added it to my TBR list!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!! :-)


  9. Oh what a great job ladies!! I'm so thrilled I have book one..... And wishing like a hussy that I get this one... I have been naughty enough for it!


  10. I like Eve's work. Thank you for the giveaway!
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