Bound by Blood

Monday, November 7, 2011

Bound by Blood (The Garner Witch #1)

ebook, 309 pages
Published July 21st 2011
Review by Amber I.

FBI agent and psychic, Brianna Reece, descends from an ancient and powerful bloodline of witches, only she doesn’t know it. But now that legacy has come back to bite her—literally. In the shadows of night in Denver Colorado, a serial killer is hunting women, and FBI agent Brianna Reece is hunting the killer. Unlike any case she’s worked before, Brianna can’t ignore the prickling at the back of her neck when she glimpses the resemblance she shares with the victims. The investigation begins to touch even closer to home when it is revealed that all of the victims were also psychic. Complicating matters further, Brianna is captivated by the FBI’s prime suspect Nathan Donovan. Though she senses he is hiding something from her, the attraction she feels for him is compelling, and unlike anything she’s ever experienced. Through a chance twist of fate, Nathan learns of Brianna’s ancestry and is forced to divulge secrets to Brianna that will change her life forever. When she learns that the killer is an evil vampire, and he’s now set his sights on her, Nathan alone holds the key to awakening her dormant powers. Now he must race to teach her how to control her emergent gifts before she becomes the next victim.

My Thoughts

I overall liked this book. I liked the characters and each of their stories. I liked the concept of the story. There were times I was totally engrossed in the pages and couldn't put it down. 

However, I think my biggest problem was the relationship between Brianna and Nathan. Yes it was sweet and sexy and very loving but it happened to fast. I am not one for the instantly falls in love. When we first meet Nathan, I was intrigued, I knew there was something to him. But then we just get him to easily. After their first real get together she moves in with him and there was never really a conflict with them they were just in love. You might think this sounds like a crazy thing to be negative about but for me it was just too much. It was one of those love at first sights and they both were just too sappy with it a lot. I think the sappy parts just took too much of the story up for me.

Maybe with a little more build up to the relationship I would have loved this book. But it did have vampires and witches and some nice twists in the plot. Brianna did prove herself to be pretty kick ass, at the ending scene when you are waiting for Nathan to come to her rescue she ended up saving herself. So it was a pretty good read, and hey some people might like the totally in love at first sight type of thing.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts =) I loved the cover of this and had added it to my Goodreads list. There's times when I think things happen to fast also, but when it takes to makes me irritable too. Lol I'll just have to read this one and judge for myself. I pretty much love every book. I would not be a good reviewer because I'd probably say the same thing about every book I read. Thanks again

  2. I like almost every book I read too. I mean if I was not liking a book I just would not finish it or review it. I would not suffer through a book that I could not get into.

    If you do read this, tell me what you think. Like I said it was good. I am just not in love with it.


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