The Amber Feature: Reading/Rating/Reviewing Bad Books

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Amber Feature:
  • Is a random rant done by one or both Amber's
  • Its just a random feature were we talk about whatever!

Reading/Rating/Reviewing Books We Do Not Like:

I really do not understand why people would read/rate/review a book they did not like. I have many reasons. Here are some

  • If I am reading a book I do not like..... Well I quit reading it and find a book I do like. I do not feel any pressure ever to read a book that is not for me. Then of coarse I do not review or rate it!
I know as book bloggers when we accept a book we feel the need to review it, and feel bad about giving negative reviews. But we have to remember that this is not a job, we are not paid! This is a fun hobby and forcing yourself to read books that you don't like takes the fun out of it.

  • I would never rate a book or even try to review it, if I have not finished it.
I have seen this on amazon and goodreads a lot people not even reading close to half of the book and rating and reviewing it. I find this kinda mean. Some books start off slow and the endings are awesome. I feel if you give up a book before its over then you should not rate or review it. You can say I didn't finish this book for whatever reasons but not to actually put out a review and rating. These authors put a lot of work in the books and yes every book will not be for us but to put a bad review or rating out, you should at least read the whole book!

  • Some people think only having good reviews on your blog is a bad thing
You will find 99.9% of my reviews good. I may not love a book but it at least had potential and kept my interest. Like I said if I do not like a book, then I stop reading it. Why would I read a book that I review and complain how horrible it was, how it was the worst thing ever, how a big waste of time it was and blah blah blah. Because if you felt this way, then why the hell did you take the time to read it?  I think I read one book that I gave 1 star to. And that was because it was like the 7th book in the series and it had promise. This was before I was blogging about books. I only read books I like! So I only review books I like!

  • I will try to complete a book even if I don't care for it. 
 I will admit that I've gotten more lenient with this. I used to always finish books and at least give them an average rating. I don't want to be mean. I think there is a thin line between being completely rude and trying to be tactful. Now, I'll finish a lot of them but if they are just too bad I can't do it. 

  • I will not give a book a bad review. 
I won't. I just won't. There's no reason too. An author has worked ridiculously hard on their book. I refuse to write a review if I didn't like the book. I've had some authors want me to review their book and I just can't do it. In my humble opinion, there is no need for bad publicity. I'm not going to write a good review and lie but I just don't feel right about writing a bad review, especially since we're posting reviews for all of you guys to read. And mostly, I don't read too many books that I can't review anyhow. 

I also feel like pointing out that I agree with Amber I's points. Haha. Just throwing that out there.
What are your opinions??


  1. Good topic subject. I will read at least half of the book, My ratings are somtimes weird of bad book rating habit is weird. Bad books could either be super boring, can't understand world building, character problems, etc, but still I try to get through it b/c if I choose that book I have probally heard an amazing review and hope it will get really awesome at some point. so at least until the middle I say.

    And I will rate and review b/c I can not not rate a book and not review it. I state the problems I had up until the point. I am still reviewing the book b/c I feel people will wanna know why I didn't finish/etc.

    but it drives me insane to not rate a book or review even if it is unfinished and most of my DNF is at least halfway though the book so I feel I have enough information to write a review.

    Everyone has there own opinions of course. Some people just can't write bad reviews on there blog and wanna write just good b/c they wanna talk about the good ones and it's about recommending the good ones.

    But I feel if I don't like a book, and not finishing it is a big thing then let them know the why's of it.

    And also I have to rate if I don't like, do like or whatever. I just have to write what I though of a book I consider bad. I think sometimes bad book reviews are more of a rant for me though.

  2. I understand that. I guess what really got to me was some giving a book a 1 star and only reading like 80 pages of a 300+ page book. They didn't have any reason other then I just don't like it.

    I am really picky when reading, and if a book has not caught my interest in some way then I give it up and move on. Most my books are 3 star ratings and up. That is just because it had some potential and obviously kept my interest enough to finish it.

    That is another reason on my blog I don't do star ratings. I find it hard. I always change my mind and I think words speak better then stars do.

  3. I've never gave a book a bad review even if it was not on my taste, because I'm sure someone will enjoy reading it. And maybe that someone will read my review and search for another book just because it was not on my taste....

    When I decide to read a book, I search for its description and never for reviews because I could be disappointed before reading a line....
    Recently I found all you can books, a site where every book has a description and no reviews.
    Needless to day this became my first option when I search for a new book:)

  4. It's very rare that I do not finish a book. In the 350+ that I read last year, I think there were two I didn't finish. A book has to be colossally bad for me to put it down.

    But here's the thing, I don't love every book I read. I try to choose books that have the potential for me to love them, but not every one hits the mark.

    I try to think about who I am writing reviews for. It is me? Is it my readers? Is it the authors? When I read a book that I do love, my main goal is to let other people know how awesome it is, so they too can go out & buy it & love it as much as I did. If it sucks ass, I feel like I owe it to people to tell them that too. I want you to trust me when I tell you what I thought of a book. Writing negative reviews is just as important as writing positive ones. It's harder, for sure, especially when you're aware of the impact it could have on the author. But I've got to tell the truth. It's not only about trust between the reviewer and readers, but it also helps establish a baseline. People have faith in your reviews when you like the same books and when you dislike the same books.

    The reality is that some books are just stinkers. And some books are just a bad fit for a particular reader. You can be honest and respectful at the same time. And a negative review from me may not be a bad thing if what I dislike is what someone else is looking for. Non-consent stories are a turn-off for me, but they are a hot ticket for some readers. If I say a book didn't work for me because it straddled that line and made me uncomfortable... that may be the impetus someone else needs to go by that book.

    I respect your opinions --and it's your blog... You have to do what makes you comfortable. I just see things a little differently.

  5. I have wrote review were I tell people the book was okay but I really didn't like this and that or whatever. I just don't like seeing people totally trash an author. Maybe I wasn't clear on that. There is a difference of being a little critical and totally taking it too far. I do think you should read more then half a book to review it. I just don't think its fair.

    I have really good luck or I choose really wisely because I hardly ever HATE a book. There are some that had potential but just didn't exactly thrill me, and I review it but I try to make sure I say what was good about along with what I didn't really care for.

  6. I guess I finish books I don't like mostly because sometimes the ending saves the book for me.

    1000 Years of Solitude, The Iron Queen, Silver and Stone just to name a few. Sometimes it's the ending...the way an author can pull it all together, or the secrets that are finally revealed that make a book for me.

    Also, much of certain books are set-up. Especially with all those series out there. You have to fight through certain parts to understand the good stuff.

    Plus I'll stick with a book if it came highly recommended or rated. I just hang on thinking "this is bound to get better!" lol. Hope springs eternal in my reading ;)

  7. This is an interesting topic for me because I make an effort to review every book that I read.

    And several books I read are given to me by the author and I am specifically asked to give an honest review. These are people I know and they are aware when they put the book in my hands that they are taking the chance that I will not give it five stars.

    I am never cruel as in some who even attack the author and say they shouldn't be writing. I do try to sandwich my critique with positives and negatives.

    I also try not to go into a read with a pre-conceived notion of what I will get/should get out of book. I think that causes poor reviews too. Instead of just shrugging and saying this wasn't for me, it causes people to get angry over being 'cheated'.

    Thanks for allowing the discussion and I am glad to see the positive reviews from your sight that regularly influence my wish list. (-;

  8. If I finish a book I review it. But if I don't finish it I don't review it. If a book has some potential then I keep going and maybe at the end I don't really care for it, but somewhere in there I must have liked it to get to then end so I try to point out the things I like with the things I didn't. I would never give a book a good review if I didn't like the book. But like I said I try to read only books I am sure I will like, and therefore most of the time I never have to worry about should I give this a bad review or a good review.

  9. It takes a lot for me to really hate a book where I have to stop reading it. I get where some of you are coming from, where if a book is bad you feel you have to be honest. Personally, for me, if a book is that bad that I can't find any redeeming qualities that I know it's going to get a bad review.. I'm just not going to finish it and most of the time I can't read it anyhow. There are times that I have to fight with myself to read a book. If it gets to that point that I'm spending days on a book that would take me hours to read...then I know I'm not going to be able to finish or review it.

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