The Amber Feature-10 Random Facts

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Amber Feature
will now be a weekly rant done by one or both Amber's about random things.

This week lets talk about 
10  Random Facts About Amber I. and R.

Amber I's Random Facts:

1.I have a box full of New Kids on the Block memorabilia from t shirts to watches, curtains, sheets and shoe laces (which are in my shoes) also in the box is old early 90's teen beats! Its an amazing box!  

2.I am deathly afraid of heights! I get super nervous if there's an edge my hands get all sweaty and I feel like I will pass out. I am super tense. I love being on the ground.

3. I hate birds! I swear they are evil beasts. In the summer we had a few of those hawks flying over our yard and I started screaming and ran for the house. Not to mention when my husband had a love bird and it got out of the cage. I dove to the ground threw a blanket over my head and ran in my room. Left my kids behind!lol

4. I have been to Hogwarts twice. Also I know all the words to the fast part in Mariah Careys Someday. I brag about this often.

5. I hate almost all white condiments, like ranch, blue cheese, sour cream and mayo. I know there is more but you get the picture.

6. I know the whole first paragraph to the declaration of independence.haha thanks school of rock, I never got that song out of my head.

7. I have never ever ate or even took a bite of a Big YUCK! I might be the first person in history to accomplish it.

8. I have an amazing collection of the Wizard of Oz Dolls! I mean its awesome.

9. I wear pajamas about 80% of my life. If I get to go shopping I would rather get pajamas then clothes.  I even love wearing "active" pants when going out. Jeans hardly ever see me. 

10. I really really want a new kitchen table. Anyone care to buy me one??lol. On that note 75% of everything I say is sarcastic. I also make up words, especially for swear words. 
What the hell= What the hello kitty
Biscuit Burner (this is an insult)
Oh Snapples
Holy Banapples 
Mother Trucker
Flip is often in there.
Why is it, when I am writing this I am drawing a blank. I am going to have to think about this. 

Amber R's Random Facts  

 1. I'm a natural redhead. This is serious business in my world. 

2. I too hate birds. I think they are disgusting vile creatures. They creep me out. 

3. I have 9 tattoos. And I can't wait to get more. I'm getting my first book related tattoo soon. 

4. I'm 26 and have a 3 year old sister. It's fun stuff. I get the joy of spoiling her without actually having to take care of her. Haha. 

   this is her after a long, hard mani/pedi session.

5.I paint my nails constantly. Work is boring. I have to do something while I'm there or I'd go crazy. In the same context, I'm obsessed with nail polish. I added up my total cost and it's over $500.00 worth of nail polish.

6. I was recently told that I resemble Adele. While flattered, my thought process was just because I'm fat and have red hair does not mean I look like Adele. 

7. I have a disgusting addiction to all things caffeine. Also, I'm on a mission to get a gold card from Starbucks. 

8. Friends is the best show that has ever been made. I've seen all of the episodes several times and I still watch them to this day. 

9. Although I mainly read the books we post on this site, I also read James Patterson, J.D. Robb, and a whole schlew of mystery books. 

10. I love Barney from How I Met Your Mother. I use legen-waitforit-dary often. Also, Amber and I often say Amber Up! Which Barney often says Suit Up! So yeah, I'm a dork. And proud of it. 



  1. I'm so with you both on birds *shudder*

    Wizard of Oz dolls! That is so neat!

    Friends never gets old, they have re-runs on tv here in Australia, always good to watch.

  2. Amber I - PJ's and yoga pants are the best!

    Amber R - Hahahaha @ Adele bit but consider it as a compliment. She's very pretty no matter her size. I love Barney too and he plays the rolse of a womanizing chauvanist really well.

  3. I love PJs and Barney!lol. Barney is awesome, he is so funny.

    Friends is amazing! I have watched every episode. And I love my Wizard of Oz Collection I even have a spot on my bookshelf dedicated to Wizard of Oz.

    Thanks for stopping by!! :)

  4. Hilarious!

    I think my '80s box' would make a person ROFL as would my 70s box.

    I'm tracking with you both on the 'birds are creepy' bandwagon.

    Can't recall a single 'Friends' episode (I know shoot me now). TV doesn't hold my attention like a book sorry.

    PJs and sweats were the greatest fashion invention in the world.

    Love you gals' blog. Thanks for the fun share.

  5. I love that so many people hate birds. Haha. Glad you guys are enjoying our randomness!

  6. I love Barney too! Who doesn't? He's freaking hilarious and gorgeous. :)

  7. too funny =) I just have to say that I love Hogwarts! I flew all the way to Fl. just to go to The Wizaeding World of Harry Potter. I loved it! I have all the LEGO sets too...I'm a big kid.


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