Reader Interview-Sky from YA Infatuation

Saturday, October 15, 2011
 Today's AwesomeSauce Reader Being interviewed is
Sky from YA Infatuation.

Where do you get your books from, buy them (where from), library, or somewhere else?
I usually get my books from the library but sometimes I go to B&N or a bookstore called Anderson's Bookshop.

A book that made you cry?
 Before I Die by Jenny Downham. That book was so sad it was about a girl who had cancer.

What book are you anxiously waiting to read?
I'm anxiously waiting to read Slide by Julie Hathaway! 
Its a paranormal,mystery and sounds completely fantastic!

If you could go on a girls night out with any 5 book characters who would you pick and why?
 First of all, Rose from Vampire Academy! She's totally kick ass and could help in getting into bars and stuff! Jacinda from Firelight. Again totally kick ass! I like girls who can help in a fight! Maya from The Gathering, Calla from Nightshade and Dru from Strange Angels. So we have 2 vampires,a werewolf,a shapeshifter,and a dragon. Yeah all the kickass species!  I would totally go out to a club with all these girls!

What book world would you love to live in?
It would be between the world of Harry Potter and the world of Vampire Academy.
I'm in love with vampires but who wouldn't want wizardly powers?!

What is the first book you fell in love with?
I have to admit, it was Twilight! It was the book that got me into YA literature.

Your best friend asked you for a book recommendation, what book would you pick for them?
To  my friends the National Book Recommender Ambassador! The last book I recommended was Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan. It was much like Across the Universe by Beth Revis but much different! The perspective and plot was very intriguing.

Where is your favorite reading spot?
I really have no favorite reading spot. When I'm reading I can never can in one spot for long. I am constantly moving. I tap my leg with my fingers,tap my foot on the ground and do lots of other things. The only time I really stay still when I'm reading is when I'm sick,stuck in my soft bed!

If you could meet an author alive or dead who would it be and what would you say?
Do I have to choose one? I would kill to me ANY author. I know author look at the world in the differwent way.  I would ask them about the writing process,
and things about the author community.

What book are you currently reading?
I am currently reading Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs. 
I'm on page...(gets out book and checks page).... 92!

Favorite book cover?
So many covers,so little time! I love love love book covers. Right now I'm loving the Insurgent cover! I like that the cover from Divergent matches it. The tree and background is perfectly earthy!

You have to fight in an epic battle to save the world, what 5 characters are you picking?
 This is so hard and I'm drawing a blank for super strong and power characters! mm Ash from The Iron Fey series, Dimitri from Vampire Academy,Calla from Nightshade,Jace from Mortal Instruments and Dru from Strange Angels (Which is about vampires!)!

Is there a book you think is amazing, yet not a lot of other people do or its just not very popular. (if so tell us about it)
I think the Strange Angels series by Lili St. Crow is amazing but not many people have read it! Its about Dru, a vampire hunter who finds out some major infomation about herself and her mother.It has two hot guys, Christophe and Graves! Of course its a vampire and werewolf but its still amazing. You have to read it! The book is freakin kickass!
Another book I don't think is very popular is Raised by Wolves and Trial by Fire by Jennifer Lynn Barnes! Check out my review to see how awesome they are!. My Review

If you could trade places for the day with any book character who would you pick?
 I would totally trade places with Camilla from the Touch series by Laurie Faria Stolarz. She is artistic (which I'm not!) and she has that whole sculpting the future power. A bonus, her boyfriend (Ben! Which happens to be my boyfriend's name!) is sexy!

This and That 
Favorite Social Network? (twitter, facebook ETC)neither
Favorite Animal?Cats! (I have a new kitten!)
Favorite TV Show?The Vampire Diaries (I love the new tv show, The Secret Circle,too!)
Favorite Color?Purple
Favorite Movie?Twlilight: Eclipse
Favorite Food?Pasta
Day or Night?Night! (I'm a total owl)
Summer or Winter? Summer!

Thanks so much Sky for your awesome interview!!

And Everyone go Check her out @


  1. I love your picks for saving the world. Well I haven't heard of the last one Strange Angels.

    Thanks Again for the interview!!

  2. Thanks for sharing with us today. I think it was P.C. Cast that first got me into YA lit and yes I really enjoyed the Twilight series - I stand tall and unashamed :) no matter how much I have been picked on for it. A good read is a good read. Nice to meet you. I am catching up with one of my favorite blogs, Awesomesauce of course, and wanted to check out what has been happening. I am glad I got the opportunity to read your interview.


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