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Thursday, October 20, 2011

About The Book:

By Stephanie Nelson

Book One Gwen Sparks Series

Gwen Sparks just wants to live a peaceful life in the supernatural town of Flora, but from the moment she read about the first murdered witch, all hope of peace was abandoned. Possessing the rare ability to read the memories of dead, she volunteers to help catch the culprit behind the string of drained witches. Gwen has to team up with the one man who broke her heart, deal with a ghost who pulls her into the deathly realm at will, and a fight off the advances of sexy but frustrating vampire who not only craves what runs through her veins—he wants her heart.

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I fished my keys out of my sweater pocket but was frozen in place when Aiden’s energy pushed against my back, sending rivulets of power cascading all around me. I shivered against the feel of it as he pushed my long dark hair to the side and touched his lips to the nape of my neck. It was amazing, that he could turn me on with barely a touch. How I had resisted him for two years was beyond me.

The warmth of his lusty power suddenly withdrew, leaving me shivering for a completely different reason. I looked over my shoulder just to make sure he was still there. “What’s wrong?” I asked, afraid of what he might say. He leaned against the far wall with his arms crossed and looked at me with annoyance.

“I thought you said the case wasn’t about Micah?” he said accusingly. In true Aiden fashion, he had turned me on, only to dump a bucket of ice-cold bullshit onto my head. Otherworldly men were incorrigible. Of course, he’d be able to smell traces of Micah on me, even though we hadn’t touched.

“Aiden, you can either stay and discuss the information you said you had, or you can leave. I don’t have to explain myself to you,” I forced out, with the sudden urge to smack the stupid out of him. Without waiting for his answer, I turned the key in the lock and strode into my apartment.

I tried to fling my sweater off, but during my little rant, it got tangled around my arms and I was stuck with what looked like a cashmere straightjacket.

Aiden was in front of me, untangling my limbs by the time I had uttered my third cuss word. I looked up at him and tried to portray the anger I felt, but all I could do was laugh.

“Hold still,” Aiden chuckled as he unbuttoned the rest of my sweater. Finally free of my stupidity, I smacked him on the arm.

“What was that for?”

“You are the most complicated person I’ve ever met! One minute you’re trying to seduce me and the next you’re pushing every single one of my ‘piss-me-off’ buttons. How I’ve dealt with you for the past two years is beyond me. If…”

My words were suddenly cut off when Aiden smashed his lips on mine. I resisted at first, my anger still burning. I pushed against his chest but he only held me tighter, wrapping an arm around my waist while his other hand tangled in my hair. His tongue darted out, teasingly and my anger was extinguished.

I opened my mouth and accepted what he offered, massaging my tongue with his. Tingles radiated up my thighs and settled between my legs as I felt his hardness press against me. Man could he kiss!

I snuck my hand under his shirt to feel the sinews of muscle that waited underneath. I had wanted to get my hands on his sculpted chest ever since I first met him and I was surely taking the opportunity now that I had it. He answered with a moan that I mimicked. I decided there were too many clothes between us for my liking. I made his shirt disappear so that my hands wouldn’t run into any obstacles as I explored his beautiful landscape. He pressed soft kisses all the way down my neck, rendering my body into a boneless mass.

“Um, hello?” Fiona called from the front door. I quickly untangled myself from Aiden to see Fiona wasn’t alone. Her father stood next to her with his steely gaze aimed at me. My mouth hung open in humiliation at what Fiona and her father had just witnessed. Aiden didn’t seem to mind though, he held out his hand to Mr. Bennett who looked at it as if it held a deadly virus. Unfazed by the rudeness that was Fiona’s father, Aiden wrapped an arm around my waist. I nudged him with my elbow and stepped out of his embrace.

About Stephanie:

I’m an Illinoisan where I live with my wonderful husband. I fell in love with books a little late in life. In my early twenties I found Stephanie Meyer’s books and had never experienced connecting with a book like that. From that moment on I needed more! Since then I’ve moved on from sparkly, fang-less vampire stories but I’ll never forget her wonderful stories that ignited my love of books.

As a child I wrote poems. I never imagined I would one day write a novel. The spark that reading had ignited in me soon became a passion to write. I began writing four years ago but never thought about publishing my stories, I wrote them for the enjoyment. It wasn’t until a year ago that I thought I’d take the self-publishing leap, and publish. It’s been a whirlwind of excitement, stress, and determination but I love every moment of it! When I'm not writing, I enjoy reading paranormal romance, watching movies, spending time with my family, and playing with my furry children.


I love everything about October, the changing of the leaves, pumpkins and cooler weather. But the thing that’s so cool about the month is the creep factor. It’s the time of year where it’s okay to dress up like terrifying monsters and no one looks at you like you just escaped the mental hospital. Another thing I love about this time of year is watching scary movies! For some reason, watching them during the Halloween month makes them seem all the more scary! 

  • Top Ten list of childhood scary movies
  1. Poltergeist
  2. Gremlins
  3. Puppetmaster
  4. Hellraiser
  5. Nightmare on Elm Street
  6. Friday the 13th
  7. Pet Cemetery
  8. Child’s Play
  9. The Lost Boys
  10. People Under the Stairs
  Of course if I watched any of those movies today, I’d probably laugh. The special effects were just horrible back then.  

  • Top ten list of my favorite horror movies today
  1. Silent Hill –No matter how many times I watch it, it freaks me out!
  2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Leatherface will forever make me cover my eyes
  3. Amityville
  4. Wolf Creek – based on true events which is why it’s so scary
  5. Saw – bloody, gory movies make my skin crawl
  6. See No Evil
  7. House on Haunted Hill – the jerky movements of the sadistic ghost is outright creepy!
  8. The Omen – anything having to do with demons will freak me out!
  9. Dawn of the Dead – who doesn’t like zombies?
  10. Insidious

What do you guys think? What’s your favorite scary movie? (totally didn’t mean to sound like ghost face from Scream) 

  • Top five list of my favorite Halloweeny type movies
  1. Sleepy Hollow
  2. Trick or Treat
  3. The Corpse Bride
  4. Hocus Pocus
  5. Casper – yep, I’m not afraid to admit I still watch it  


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  1. I am a huge baby and I am TERRIFIED of scary movies. I will hardly ever watch them. Scary movies with dolls (shudders thinking of them) or where those creepy weirdo scary people crawl as they chase you makes me want to never close my I could go on and on about movies that scare me.

    Thanks so much for the post and everyone should go check out Craved because its awesome.

    And on a side note as you are making me think scary things the wind picked up and it freaked me out! hahaha.

  2. Thanks for having me Awesomesauce!! Your comment about scary movies is hilarious. It's strange, but the older i get, the more scared i am of scary movies lol. I hate the gory ones!! And totally agree about the creepy crawling movements..ugh!

  3. Oh I hate movies that are just about killing people. I refuse to watch them. I can get enough of that on the news. Speaking of which I try not to watch too much either so I can sleep at

    I think out of all the movies on your list the ones I do enjoy are

    The Lost Boys
    The Corpse Bride
    People Under the Stairs

    I totally HATE Saw. Only saw the first 1 but its one of the movies I can not stand. Texas Chainsaw Massacre just freaks me out. Childs Play and Puppetmaster well I told you Dolls scare me? Have you ever seen Dolly Dearest. Scariest Doll movie ever!!! Its from the 80s.

    Okay I am rambling will stop now.

  4. Nightmare on Elm Street used to be my favorite as a kid, but now I'm not into gore so much. hehe.

    Loved the excerpt and I can't wait for your next book in the series!!!

  5. I've never heard of Dolly Dearest but just the title seems creepy. Possessed dolls are scary!

  6. And scary movies made back in the day always have an extra creep factor for some reason. I haven't seen Dolly Dearest in years, but I remember when I was younger thinking it was scarier then Childs Play.

  7. I recently bought Craved and look forward to the read. I like scary movies that are suspenseful, but am not crazy about slasher films. I would rather read about those moments than watch on the big screen LOL Thanks for sharing with us today.


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