Tell Me More by Janet Mullany

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
by Janet Mullany
ebook 352 pages

From Goodreads:
Jo Hutchinson is obsessed with a man she's never seen—only heard. Her late–night calls from the office to the mysterious "Mr. D." grow increasingly intimate, until they finally become full–blown phone sex. Still, Jo doesn't dare meet him. Instead, she embarks on a series of sizzling sexual escapades with other guys, sharing every sweaty moment with Mr. D. afterward, a passion–by–proxy arrangement they both get off on. But even as she's charting brave new naughty worlds, Jo knows that it's all really for Mr. D. Every pleasure she experiences—eagerly, athletically, vocally—is to please him.
Immersed in fantasy, reality just slips away—even the chance at that elusive combination of love and lust. Her new tenant, Patrick, an Irish hunk in geek's clothing, is totally into her. And in her lucid moments, Jo knows she feels the same. Can she tear herself away from her kinky dreamworld long enough to appreciate what's right in front of her? Or has Mr. D. ruined her for real life?

My Thoughts:

 To borrow one from Amber I., Holy Sexcapades! 

This book was sexy, smutty, and delightful. The main character, Jo, has some delightfully wonderful sexual encounters. Some are sweet and some are kinky as all get out. 

Let me just say that Jo and I had a tumultuous relationship. I loved her, then I adored her, then I was rooting in her corner, then I hated her, and then we met back at the comfortable place of my loving her again. Jo and I finally worked out our differences as soon as she got over her mysterious, late night phone sex caller. Oh yes ladies and gents, there's a whole slew of sexual debauchery in this book. Sex clubs, threesomes, hairy bush, phone sex, sex games, anything your little perverted heart desires.

In all seriousness, the author, Janet Mullany weaves a tale of a seemingly "vanilla" woman, living the life of a late night radio jockey for classical music. She gets mixed up in this fantasy world and when reality knocks on her door in the form of lovable, kind of heartbroken, delicious, Irish Patrick. Jo has a hard time getting back to reality and she can't seem to remember how much I love Patrick. Okay, fine, that's irrational, he's a fictional character but I love him..seriously. 

Either way, this a really great read with a shocking ending. I will definitely be on the look out for more from this author and so should all of you.


  1. Ooo! This sounds like a real steamy read! Loved the review.

  2. It's always so interesting to get someone else's perspective on a book.

    This book pissed me off to epic proportions. I hated Jo with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. Her behavior was bad enough before the final blow, but when she made that choice at the end (you know the one)... well, it was the first time I hoped for a "heroine" to meet a horrible end. Seriously, there is no way she deserved a happy ending. (Just IMHO.)

  3. nice!..I'll have to pick this one up!

  4. Amber, is this book you hated the main character?? The way Jen is talking it seems like it may be the same one.

  5. Amber, thanks so much for the review. So glad you liked it! It's not everyone's cup of tea but I love it when reviewers react strongly to my characters.

  6. Ooh, this sounds really good! I've been reading so much YA lately that I'm starting to miss really hot sex scenes lol. And Irish boys...YUM! Definitely going to have to check this book out, thanks for sharing!

  7. brinkka2011 says: Ive been meaning to read this and just never received a chance. Its an issue that Im really interested in, I just started reading and Im glad I did. Youre a good blogger, 1 of the best that Ive seen. This blog absolutely has some data on subject that I just wasnt aware of. Thanks for bringing this stuff to light.

  8. This sounds so good! It's going on my list!

  9. You had me at smutty! I'm adding this one to my list, great review.

  10. Great review! Sounds very interesting. I think its the "slew of sexual debauchery" that has me sold.


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