Tuesday, August 9, 2011
A weekly feature hosted by GReads! where she showcases some good tunes! :)

She will be featuring music from the 90s for the next few weeks.. Which I am a total 90's girl!! I love it like no other. Alternative music was huge to me in the 90s, and I could make a list a mile long. Since this is going on for a while I think I will share one of my most favorite bands of the 90s and a few of their songs!!! Next week I will give you more!


Basket Case

When I come around

Brain Stew/Jaded

I had a major obsession with them back in the day. I even recorded a message on a cassette tape to them. It was like 2 hours long of me talking to them.haha. I was convinced I would marry Billie Joe one day.  One day we got to watch a concert of them on paper view and we dyed our hair with bingo markers!! Okay gushing moment over!! I LOVE THE 90s!!


  1. I love Green Day something fierce! Great picks!

  2. hahaha wow. You are one serious Green Day fan. LOVE IT. And love this band :-)

  3. I was like 11 or 12. Thought I should add that.lol

  4. Recording on the cassette = awesome! Love it! Green Day is really fun to listen to, no?


  5. Will never grow tired of Green Day..am still a big fan!


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