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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Book Excerpt and Giveaway

About the Author

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, at a time when children were still not required to use seatbelts in a vehicle, S.J. Wright grew up as the sixth of seven sisters.  She moved around a lot as a child, spent a good deal of her time reading books about horses, roller-skating (in an attempt to find Xanadu), and daydreaming about becoming a novelist.
She now lives in Little Elm, Texas with her husband, two sons, and one Jack Russell terrier that follows her around the house like a shadow.  She is the prime caregiver to her youngest son, who has spina bifida.  She loves horses (and swears one day she’ll actually get the guts to ride one again).
In February of 2011, she released her first paranormal suspense/romance novel called The Vampire’s Warden.  She plans to release a total of four books for the series.  S.J. (Stephanie) also loves hearing from her readers!  Be sure to check out her website at

By S.J. Wright

Then I heard a sharp, jarring tap on my window.  I jerked back in surprise and stared at the window.  What if it were Alex?  Or my mother?  Tentatively, I pushed the covers off me and put my feet on the floor.  Another louder tap sounded, rattling the windowpanes. 
  With an impulsive burst of courage, I stepped to the window and yanked on the strings that brought the blinds up.  I stared outside, but saw nothing at first.  Without thinking, I unlocked the window and pushed it open.  A bitterly cold rush of air assailed me as I stood there in my worn pink striped pajamas.  The night outside was grimly silent except for the whistling of the wind through the window, and I shivered in trepidation. 
  A large human form rose up from the roof under the window, and I jerked back in surprise with my heart slamming in my chest.
  “You weren’t expecting me?”
  A human form, perhaps.  However, not human anymore.  Alex had become something radically different from the easy-going, All-American guy that I had come to know.  His golden hair was brighter, glistening like cold diamonds in the frigid night air, and his eyes were lit with emerald fire that seared every object he gazed upon.  His powerful, stunning body balanced expertly on the balls of his bare feet and his hands settled firmly against the outside frame of the window with the lean angular muscles of his arms tensely bunched.  He was barely dressed at all, only wearing a ragged pair of cut-off jean shorts. 
  I took another step back from the window and shook my head in denial, “Oh, God.  Alex…”
  Tears blurred the image of the creature before me.  My friend was gone.  An ache so profoundly painful struck me in the chest, pressed me back from the window and against the far wall of my bedroom.
  “Let me in.”  His voice was low and sweetly melodic.
  A frantic sob escaped my throat in response.  The wind continued to pour through the open window, rattling the edges of the upraised blinds against the window casing.  The only source of illumination was a single nightlight plugged into the wall by my bed, but it was enough. 
  “Look at me, Sarah.”  His voice was impossible to ignore, compelling in a way that even Michael’s had never been. 
  I dashed the tears away with a shaking fist and blinked at him.
  “You will let me in.  Now.”
  The voice that answered was my own, but I felt completely separate from it.  Any will of my own was lost to me, swept away by the unyielding force of his presence and the guilt that was ripping me into pieces.
  “Come in.”  It was barely a whisper of sound.  Some tiny little nothing that had the power of everything behind it, because the moment those words came from me, I knew my fate was set in stone.  With a growing sense of awe, I watched him step through the open window and come across the room to stand before me like some golden god returning to the scene of his demise.

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