The Vampire Relationship Guide, Volume 2: Secrets and Trust

Sunday, August 7, 2011
The Vampire Relationship Guide, Volume 2: Secrets and Trust
By Evelyn Lafont
Release date: August 31st 2011
Review by Amber I and Amber R

Josie’s come a long way from being an average human chick who just wants to sex-up a vampire. She’s dated, mated, and killed one of the world’s richest vamps and is currently seeing a mysterious, blood-slurping hottie named Walker.

Now, Josie must adjust to the realities of a steady relationship with a vampire, which isn’t all exciting parties, hot sex and moonlit walks. And with a vamp who’s anxious to push their relationship to the next phase as mortality bears down on his human’s fragile body, the pressure for Josie to commit is on.
Can their night-day romance survive leaving Josie’s character and individuality intact, or will the secrets of the supernatural community crush her spirit and her chance at a permanent vampire mate?

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We are super lucky! We are the first reviewers to read and review this book.
I am so excited! Evelyn Rocks!! 

~Amber I's Thoughts~

Great Scott, I so love Josie. She is so much fun. She just has this sense of humor, that I can not get enough of.

Josie and Walker are trying to learn to be together in day to day life. Josie is so full of life so she tends to get bored during the day. Walker is set in his ways but he soon starts going out of his way to make his woman happy. I loved seeing their every day normal life not on the run for their life or some crazy crime solving scenario.

This book still brings in the heat and the funny!! Our dark mysterious vampire is pretty darn sweet! We get to see much more of him. Oh and this shower scene was totally awesome!! I loved it. lol. If you like your girl with lots of spunk and your guy dark, dreamy and mysterious  then you have found the right series!!


"I wrapped my arms around his waist and let my hands get slick and soapy, then slid them down to his joystick. Yeah, I know, what am I? Seventeen? His dick. I slid my slick soapy hands to his dick........"

~Amber R's Thoughts~

Can I just say how much I love Josie and Walker? I adore them both. Josie is hilarious. I love her attitude, spunk, and sense of humor. I love that she doesn't let Walker take charge 100% of the time and she does what she wants. Even though she cares about Walker and wants to be with him, she doesn't forget her hopes and dreams. I love how dominant Walker is, especially in the bedroom. What can I say? I like a man to be a take charge kind of man. 

Josie is learning more and more about the supernatural world and what it truly means to be in a relationship with a vampire. I think Josie has an extra dose or two of learning because of Walker's job. 

There are some pretty hilarious moments in this book. When Josie and Walker get to Texas they are greeted by some pretty spectacular characters. Trust me, you aren't going to want to miss this book. It's brings the hotness, the sexy, and the funny. Plus, you can really get into seeing the relationship of Walker and Josie progress and grow.

I picked out some teaser's of my own. But, I couldn't pick just one. Forgive me.

If I hadn't been so horrified by the display taking place in my boyfriend's bedroom, I would have been impressed by this well-executed Cirque Du Stripper performance.

"Oh, yeah, Walker, this one's a real knee-slapper all right. I'm sorry, Miss...uh, excuse me, ma'am? You there, uh...swallowing that pole between your ass cheeks? What was your name?"

"Good, because I don't want you behind me, I want you in front of me where I can see you." He growled then and pushed me over so I was on my back, then leapt on top of me and held my arms over my head.


  1. I can't wait to read this! And these book trailers just get better every time I watch them. I'm never usually that bothered about book trailers for some reason, but these are just so funny :-)

  2. OMG! I love the teasers and I want this book so bad! Josie is amazing! I love her humor! <3 Thanks for this !

  3. I loved the first book and I can't wait to get this one.

  4. I absolutely loved the first book and been waiting not so patiently for this book- Josie and Walker 'sigh' I love them = these are books I laugh out from the beginning til the end.


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