My 100 Books!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

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BAM I finished and reviewed 100 Books!!
I have actually read more then this and reviewed them. 
Lets see if I can make my goal of 160 this year!!

48 To Kill a Warlock by HP Mallory
 100 Vampire Relationship Guide 2 by Evelyn Lafont

You can see a full list of my Reviews this year HERE


  1. OMG I bow down to your reading and reviewing powers. I've only read like 40 something books this year xD

  2. Congratulations Amber! I just hit my 100 mark today as well! Good luck on completing your total goal!

  3. Thanks, There are a few novellas in there and if I wasn't so lazy I would take those out and add in full length books, but well that just seems like a lot of I am keeping a full list of all my books read and reviewed so at the end of the year I can check it out. I think I am at like 104'ish.


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