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Monday, August 29, 2011

Awesomesauce Book Club

Read all About it!!! 

Starting in September
Comment Appreciation: 
Starting in September we are going to have a monthly giveaway for people who comment on the blog posts. This WILL NOT include comments on any other giveaway. But WILL include any and all comments on any other post. Even if you comment on a post more then once then it counts.  We just want to show our appreciation to those who actually comment on things other then giveaways and maybe boost some of our feedback so we can see what you like.  The prize will be announced in the beginning of the next month. It will be a $10 gift card to amazon or $10 value at Book Depository. If you do not have free shipping with amazon, I will be happy to order the book for you so you can use all $10 on the book and not worry about shipping. I have free 2 day shipping on any orders no matter the price.

Also you DO NOT have to leave an email with each comment. If I can click on your name and find it on your profile or blog that is fine, or you can leave it on just one comment. Also you can just come over at the beginning of the month to see if you won and email  me there. Please don't leave your email for each comment.


September- Jet @ Book Devotee Reviews
October-Denise Z.
January- Sophia Rose


  1. Ooohhhhh. sounds fun. I won one of these comment giveaways before. totally caught me off guard. like what?! I won something, but I never entered anything yet...wonderful surprise recieveing an email like that. my comment that won was so funny though. I'm still laughing at it...great idea though about the comment giveaway =DDDDDD

  2. I love this idea. I think I may steal it and incorporate it into my blog. I always try to comment back or respond to a comment, but this is very thoughtful! You ladies really are full of awesomesauce!

  3. I always try to do a giveaway a month but this seems to be even better then just a random giveaway. Go ahead and use it. I think its a great idea. And I am hoping it gets comments on more things then just giveaways. The summer has been slow.

  4. I think this is a good idea. I do find myself reading the posts but I don't always comment. It doesn't mean I didn't like the post but I just didn't take the time to comment :) This will get people to comment more and share their thoughts about the post, I'm sure. You ladies have a great weekend.

  5. This is such a fantastic idea! And so generous of you guys...I'm sure people like knowing their comments and feedback are appreciated. :-)

  6. Very generous of you Amber with the Amazon shipping. Truly..
    I too read all posts but don't always comment. This way we're all involved and responding to the content. Thanks for this opportunity.
    GFC name is Lucky47.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  7. Awesomesauce idea I am hoping to hold my very first giveaway on my blog soon Hope everyone will stop by and visit. Read Between The Lines

  8. Hi, Ambers! Is it ok if I use the same idea for my blog? I did leave a link to your blog coz it's awesome!

  9. Primrose -that is so okay. Im sure we are not the first to come up with the idea. And that's super nicw you linked back. I thought I left a comment on your post about it. Its such an easy way then planning a giveaway monthly,isn't it?

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