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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

 Today's Reader Behind the Author is

HereafterA book cover you love?
Hereafter by Tara Hudson and Fallen by Lauren Kate. I haven't read them yet but I keep seeing them on book blogs and I think they're absolutely stunning.

What are some things that make you want to read a book?
A great cover (I know, I know... I shouldn't judge a book by a cover but I do!), a story containing some kind of fantasy elements or romantic comedy... and excellent reviews!

If you had to pick 5 book characters from any book for an epic battle to save the world who would you pick?
HIDDEN (Marchwood Vampire Series)lol what a fantastic question! Carlisle Cullen (Twilight), Wolverine (X-men), Hermione Granger, (Harry Potter) Finley Jane (The Strange Case of Finley Jane), Amelie (Morganville Vampire series)

What is the last book you read that you had to tell everyone you know about so they would read it too?
Hidden by Shalini Boland... it's just amazing.

What book are you currently reading?
Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by HP Mallory... it's chick lit with a fantasy element. Good stuff!

Pride And PrejudiceWho is your favorite book couple?
Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy. Even though I haven't read Pride & Prejudice since I was a kid, that is one romance that sticks with you.

What genre is your favorite to read?
I have two: YA urban fantasy and chick lit.

What is the first book you remember reading and falling totally in love with?
Islands in the Sky by Arthur C Clark... it wowed me at the time but I can't remember much of the story now... it was 25 years ago! I'm going to have to try and get myself a copy.

If you could meet an author, dead or alive, who would you pick and why?
It would be fun to meet Shakespeare... that guy had one hell of an imagination! I'd love to find out what was going on in his head.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 5 books would you take with you?
Harry Potter Paperback Box Set (Books 1-7)Harry Potter by JK Rowling, The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M Auel and Hidden by Shalini Boland. They are all such amazing books that I could quite easily read again and again.

More About Suzy

My Photo I'm an Indie Author. My first YA novel, Raven, is available to buy on amazon and smashwords. I was a magazine editor before being made redundant in 2010, so I now spend much of my time working on my books, blogging, tweeting, reading some fantastic books and enjoying the many, many fruits of the Internet! Although my biker husband and I are British, we have lived in Portugal since we were kids. We love to travel, particularly to Canada and the States."
Check out her Book Raven

Raven (The Raven Saga) After the inexplicable disappearance of Lilly Taylor's parents, she has no choice but to move to Canada where she unravels some frightening yet intriguing family secrets...
Her whole life had been based on a lie. Lilly had grown up in a loveless home with a father who she had barely ever seen and a mother who was... well, not very motherly.
After they mysteriously disappear without a trace, Lilly is sent to Canada where she finds a whole new way of life. A life filled with love and people who care for her. But that's not all she discovers, Lilly also finds out that she isn't who, or what, she thinks she is.
Lilly has a very special ability and it's just a matter of time before her true self starts to shine. And when it does, her life will never be the same again.
Raven is a fantasy novel for children and young adults set in the beautiful province of British Columbia.

 You can read the first chapter HERE 

And buy you own copy from

 Also Find Suzy around @!/suzy_turner

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  1. Thanks again Suzy. I love the Hereafter cover and it is also a great book. I am drawn to certain covers. I love when they are more then just a model. And Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble is a fun great book!!!


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