One Grave at a Time (early Review)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Grave at a Time: A Night Huntress NovelOne Grave at a Time (Night Huntress #6)

Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Expected publication: August 30th 2011 by Avon Books (Mm) 
Review by Amber I and Amber R
From Goodreads

The grave is one wrong step away.

Having narrowly averted an (under)world war, Cat Crawfield wants nothing more than a little downtime with her vampire husband, Bones. Unfortunately, her gift from New Orleans' voodoo queen just keeps on giving--leading to a personal favor that sends them into battle once again, this time against a villainous spirit.

Centuries ago, Heinrich Kramer was a witch hunter. Now, every All Hallows Eve, he takes physical form to torture innocent women before burning them alive. This year, however, a determined Cat and Bones must risk all to send him back to the other side of eternity--forever. But how do you kill a killer who's already long dead?
Amber I's Thoughts

Cat and Bones still got it!! They are perfect together. While I was a little sad at the lack of sex in this book the rest of the story was still awesome.

We know when we read a Night Huntress book we are going into some crazy situation where Cat and Bones will kick some ass and save the day. But the bad guy here comes with a twist, he's a ghost and well trying to kill a ghost when its pretty much just vapor is not so easy. The gang gets together including my all time favorite Ian!! While I could use lots more Ian time, at least he had a bigger role in this book then last.

I think this book is more focused on the action then the romance. I could have used a bit more romance. I still loved it though. I love when they reminisce on the past and how Bones is always so caring and loving and he doesn't care who knows it.

Its another great book in the Night Huntress Novels! I just needed some more lovin' going on. :)

Amber R's Thoughts 

I'm sorry but if Bones and Cat are involved, they're always getting a five. Another great book in the Night Huntress series.

Cat and Bones take on a fight that's not something actually directed at them this time. However, it pretty quickly turns deadly. They're fighting off a serial killing ghost with huge issues with women. Obviously, that's not going to bode well for Cat. Killing and getting rid of a ghost is a lot harder than either one of them have bargained for though. And he is one nasty ghost.

We've got all of the regular characters back in the mix. Spade and Denise, Justine, Ian, Tate and the boys. Don's floating around. There is some nasty business going on at the compound. I was honestly like, "who the hell does this guy think he is?" I also wondered why Cat was even involved. Obviously, the compound was a big part of her life but I think that she should've just let Tate deal with it.

There are some extremely heartbreaking moments in this book for me. I love Spade and Denise. The situation with them, I literally almost balled my eyes out. It was so sad. I remember reading it and literally gasping.

Such a good book. I loved it so much. I, of course, can't wait to read more.


  1. You lucky wench! I'm so jealous that you got this ARC. Your review has me so pumped to read this book. You are right. When it comes to Cat and Bones, the book is an automatic five star rating. Great review!

    Happy Blogging,
    Bona Fide Reflections

  2. I want!!!! The release date is too far away :(

  3. Great blog! Found you through I'm a new follower!

  4. Oh your reviews are just teasing!! I know that wasn't your attention and if typing could have a tone of voice, you'd both know I'm "teasingly" mad or whatever!!

    Sooooo cannot wait to read this one and it sounds freaking awesome! Have been missing Ian. So want him to have a book in her spinoff series and can't wait to see the rest of the gang! And Don's still around!? Wicked!!

    Great reviews!

  5. When I got the email saying we were getting the ARC I almost died. I was so so excited. I never thought we would get it. And Jessica I would be the same way, mad but teasing

    I wish she would write more Ian time. He is just so fun, he is my favorite. I've seen she said she doesn't know how to write a spin off with him because he is such a whore and can't see him settling down. I have even seen people suggest him with Cats mom. I thought it crazy but after this book, I am thinking she may be going that way.

  6. I am so jealous! You got an ARC! At least it's almost out =DDDDD

  7. Loool about the not enough sex bit. I agree though. That's probably what's missing. :D I totally want to get Bite before Christmas but Amazon doesn't sell eBooks to the Middle East. =.= I have to look around for it. I want more IAN!


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