Bloodlines (Early Review)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bloodlines (Bloodlines #1)

Hardcover, 432 pages
Expected publication: August 23rd 2011 by Razorbill 
Review by Amber I

From Goodreads
When alchemist Sydney is ordered into hiding to protect the life of Moroi princess Jill Dragomir, the last place she expects to be sent is a human private school in Palm Springs, California. But at their new school, the drama is only just beginning.

Populated with new faces as well as familiar ones, Bloodlines explores all the friendship, romance, battles and betrayals that made the #1 New York Times bestselling Vampire Academy series so addictive - this time in a part-vampire, part-human setting where the stakes are even higher and everyone's out for blood

 My Thoughts

I was really really nervous to read this book. I just couldn't imagine a book narrated by Sydney. She just didn't seem to me like a great main character. And obviously losing Rose was going to be hard. But knowing I was going to see Adrian in this book, I was going to read it no matter what even if freaking spongebob was narrating it. Anyways that being said here is more of a review.

Sydney actually pulled through. I really did enjoy her. I liked seeing how much her world and thoughts have been forced to change after hanging out with these people. Jill was awesome too. I was so interested in the beginning of her and Adrian's connection. They seemed so close and I couldn't figure out exactly why. I was wishing I was in her head. But once I got the info I needed I was pretty impressed. The whole bunch of them going to school and pretending to be siblings was fun. I loved seeing Eddie, Jill, Adrian and Sydney getting along and watching the different connections developing. I was glad Eddie got some more focus time. He really was an awesome person in the VA books and I was happy to see he was okay.

There is always a bad guy. And while I pretty much figured it out, (only because I trust no one) it was still fun seeing it all played out. We get a brief glimpse of Rose and we see Dimitri (he says nothing) and we even have Abe in there. But that is about it from the old gang.

If you are nervous about Sydney being the new character, fear not. She really is quite awesome. She is strong in a totally different way. She is brave, super smart and is really becoming someone you will love. She has been so deprived of friends and a normal life it was nice getting to see her get out there.

Then we have Adrian! Well I love him!! He is still that sarcastic you never know what he is thinking self. He is a bit depressed still from the Rose situation but he is getting better. Due to circumstances, he has to give up drinking and he really is trying is hardest not to be sad. His relationship with Jill is super sweet. He seems he will try and do anything for her. You see that super sweet Adrian come out. He also seems to be a great friend to Sydney. I think they are going to be a good pair. While they really are nothing more then friends here, I have hopes that it will develop more.

Okay sorry for this long review. I try to keep them a lot more short. I can't wait for the next book to come out!! 

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And Because I want to I am going to include another Adrian Teaser

"Ruin it for her?" he exclaimed. "How the hell can you say that? You know what I've done for her! I've done everything for her! I've given up everything for her!"


  1. I'm really nervous about this book too! I liked Sydney in VA, but not enough to see her as a main character in another series. I'm really glad that you liked her, I can't wait to see what's she like! And I miss Adrian!:D

    Great review, It's good to know that you enjoyed this book! I can't wait to read it too!


  2. I was super nervous about it but it really was good! I wish we got some romance in it but what can you do?? I think its going to be a really great series!!

  3. I'm so excited to read this book. The two hours I have to wait here in Seattle is too long. And I agree the book could have been narrated by spongebob or maybe patrick, I think he might have a refreshing take on the VA world.


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